User Manual Smeg SBC4104G Blast chiller

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The following documents are available:
40 - PRECAUTIONS 91477A521/A
General safety instructions 40
For this appliance 44
Appliance purpose 45
This user manual 46
Manufacturer’s liability 46
Identification plate 46
Disposal 46
To save energy 46
Light sources 46
How to read the user manual 47
General description 47
Control panel 48
Other parts 48
Accessories 48
Optional accessories (can be purchased separately)
Blast chiller advantages 49
USE 50
Preliminary operations 50
Using the accessories 50
Display 51
First use 52
Cold programs 54
Hot programs 60
Manual functions 63
History 66
Multistep functions 66
Discover the recipes 67
In the event of a blackout 67
Settings 67
Cleaning the appliance 70
Cleaning the cavity 70
Special cleaning functions 71
Automatic cleaning 71
Extraordinary maintenance 71
Electrical connection 71
Positioning 72
We advise you to read this manual carefully, which contains all the instructions for maintaining the
appliance’s aesthetic and functional qualities. For further information on the product:
General safety instructions
Risk of personal injury
CAUTION: during use, the
appliance and its accessible
parts become very hot.
Children must be kept away
from the appliance.
CAUTION: during use, the
appliance and its accessible
parts become very hot. Never
touch the heating elements
during use.
Do not touch the interior walls
during use of hot functions.
Protect your hands by wearing
oven gloves when moving food
inside the appliance.
Wear oven gloves when
handling hot trays or other
containers to prevent burns.
Do not touch the appliance
with damp or wet hands or feet.
Never try to put out a fire or
flames with water: turn off the
appliance and smother the
flames with a lid or a fire
This appliance may be used by
children aged at least 8 and by
people of reduced physical,
sensory or mental capacity, or
lacking in experience in the use
of electrical appliances,
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