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44 - PRECAUTIONS 91477A521/A
the power supply cable is not
caught or damaged.
Always use any necessary/
required personal protective
equipment (PPE) before
performing any work on the
appliance (installation,
maintenance, positioning or
Before performing any work on
the appliance, switch off the
power supply.
Allow the appliance to be
disconnected after installation,
via an accessible plug or a
switch in the case of a fixed
Fit the power line with an all-
pole circuit breaker with a
contact separation distance
sufficient to provide complete
disconnection in category III
overvoltage conditions,
pursuant to installation
This appliance can be used up
to a maximum altitude of 2,000
metres above sea level.
For this appliance
•CAUTION: risk of fire,
flammable materials.
Do not damage the cooling
circuit (if this is accessible).
Follow applicable legislation
on the consumption of raw
food. Raw fish should be
deep-frozen to -18°C and
kept at that temperature for at
least 96 hours.
Carefully clean the parts of the
appliance which come into
direct or indirect contact with
food to prevent any kind of
Use food-safe detergents.
•Do not use flammable or
harmful products.
Use only the temperature
probe supplied with the
Keep the appliance door
closed during all operations.
Do not stack food items on top
of each other, but rather
arrange them so that the air is
able to circulate correctly
inside the appliance.
Use aluminium or stainless-
steel containers.
Do not cover trays with
insulating covers or films.
Do not rest any weight or sit
on the open door of the
Take care that no objects are
stuck in the doors.
Do not install/use the
appliance outdoors.
Only use the temperature
probe provided or
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