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USE - 5191477A521/A
Application of the temperature probe
1. Place the food on a tray.
2. Insert the tip of the temperature probe inside
the food to be blast chilled or cooked
outside the cavity.
3. Open the door.
4. Insert the dish to be blast chilled or cooked
into the cavity.
5. Connect the temperature probe plug to the
socket on the inside of the appliance.
6. Tighten the ring nut to secure the plug firmly
in the socket.
7. Close the door.
The parameters and values for the currently
selected function will be indicated on the
display. To use it, simply touch the "virtual"
buttons and/or scroll through the values shown
(the picture shows the main menu screen).
Information area
Information regarding the menus and sub-menus
of the functions in progress in the main area are
shown in this area.
The following are also present in this area:
HOME button: touch this button to
return to the main menu;
INFORMATION button: touch this
For best results, make sure that the
temperature probe is placed
transversely in the thickest part of the
food and for least 3/4 of its length.
Make sure that it does not touch the tray
underneath and that it does not
protrude from the food.
In order for the probe to measure the
core temperature of the food precisely,
its tip must not be in contact with bones
or fat.
If the temperature probe is not
connected to the appliance when
required, the appliance proceeds with
a timed function.
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