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DESCRIPTION - 4991477A521/A
Centres. Use only original accessories
supplied by the manufacturer.
Multifunctional rack
Useful for supporting containers or, if rotated, for
holding bottles.
Temperature probe
With the temperature probe, you can perform
blast chilling or cook according to the
temperature measured at the centre of the food.
Optional accessories (can be
purchased separately)
Used for supporting containers with food during
Useful for cooking cakes, pizzas, oven-baked
desserts and biscuits.
Deep tray
Useful for collecting fat from foods placed on
the rack above and for cooking pies, pizzas,
baked desserts, biscuits, etc.
Tray rack
To be placed over the top of the tray; for
cooking foods which may drip.
Blast chiller advantages
Your blast chiller allows you to quickly cool food
and to deep-freeze them rapidly in order to
retain their freshness and guarantee them a long
Blast chilling and rapid deep-freezing help
preserve the flavour, aroma, colour and
nutritional properties of food.
Blast chilling cooked foods to an internal
temperature of +3°C minimises bacterial
proliferation, which is at its maximum between
65°C and 8°C.
Rapid deep-freezing to -18°C allows frozen
food to be preserved for a longer period -
usually several months more. It also prevents the
formation of large ice crystals that damage and
Take great care when consuming
raw food, especially fresh fish and
cephalopods, as there is the risk of
contamination from Anisakis, a
parasite which is hazardous to
human health. This risk can be
eliminated by cooking to a minimum
temperature of 65°C, or by deep-
freezing to -18°C and then holding
at -18°C for at least 96 hours.
In order to retain the properties of
hot foods, do not allow them to
remain at room temperature before
blast chilling or deep-freezing them.
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