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62 - USE 91477A521/A
1. Open the door
2. Position the dough to prove on the second
3. Close the door.
4. Select PROVING
5. Select the type of proving (6H or 24H).
6. Touch the CONFIRM button to confirm
the settings.
7. Touch the START button to start the
proving cycle.
When finished, a buzzer sounds briefly, which
can be deactivated by touching any point of the
display or by opening the door.
Tips for optimal proving
Use metal or ceramic containers, or other
materials suitable for temperatures up to
For flours with a high W index, use a smaller
quantity of dough and set a longer proving
Use smaller quantities of yeast, for example
4 grams in 1 kg of dough and prove the
dough for longer to make it more fragrant
and digestible.
Cover the dough with cling film.
Use a sourdough starter to obtain fluffier,
lighter and more digestible doughs.
Reduce the quantity of yeast used and prove
at a constant temperature for the best dough
proving results.
If a fast proving (between 60 and 120
minutes) is desired, it is recommended using
the MANUAL PROVING function and
setting a temperature of 35°C.
Preparing the mixture
1. Pour one litre of milk into a saucepan and
heat it over low heat to a temperature of
about 38-45°C.
2. Meanwhile, pour 125 grams of yoghurt (or
a sachet of commercially available freeze-
dried lactic ferments) into a container.
3. When the milk has reached temperature,
remove it from the heat and pour it a little at
a time into the container with the yoghurt (or
cultures), stirring with the help of a whisk.
4. When finished, distribute the mixture into 5-6
jars and seal them hermetically or cover with
cling film.
Using the yoghurt function
5. Open the door
6. Place the jars inside the cavity.
7. Close the door.
8. Select the YOGHURT
9. Touch the START button or start the pre-
heating phase and subsequent yoghurt
function (see chapter THINGS TO
When finished, a buzzer sounds briefly, which
can be deactivated by touching any point of the
display or by opening the door.
Yoghurt preparation tips
Use pasteurised whole UHT milk and a pot
of white yoghurt.
For a low-fat yoghurt, use skimmed or partly
skimmed UHT milk and a pot of low-fat
To make fruit yoghurt, it is preferable to use
firm, seasonal fruit.
We recommend peeling and cutting the fruit
into small cubes and cooking it in a
If the internal temperature is greater
than the one required, the function will
be stopped immediately and "Internal
temperature unsafe, please wait until
the oven is cool" will display. Allow the
appliance to cool down before
activating the function.
For successful proving, a container of
water should be placed in the bottom of
the oven.
6H PROVING: ideal for doughs with a
substantial amount of yeast and
needing a fairly short resting time.
24H PROVING: ideal for doughs with
minimal amounts of yeast and requiring
a rather long resting process.
Note: time and temperature cannot be
changed in this function. To set values at
will, select PROVING from the
This long-time function (14 hours) is
dedicated to yoghurt production.
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