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What is manualsFile?

ManualsFile is an online library that stores user manuals, installation and repair manuals for all household and industrial products to serve worldwide reference needs.

Usually you won't care about keeping. But when you need, you can find at manualsFile - we will keep for you, your friends or everyone else when it is suddenly needed. Things are not stored at the manufacturer, because they want you to buy new model. We host and you have for free.
Noted: We do not ask for any information including registration or credit card ...

Launched from April 12, 2018, we now have 600k+ documents of 5000+ brands by community contributions. We serve 800k+ searching per month and 62% found the necessary documents (updated July 2023).

We also thank Google Drive; Google Scripts, Cloudflare CDN (there are where we store and create this web) and lots of contributors who have documents, edited, or feedback...

Our categories

  • Online library Manuals: for home appliances, security device, audio device, computer...
  • Review appliances: We collect reviews from many sources on the internet and arrange to give you the best option.
  • Tips and information (articles): The articles provide more information for you.(e.g article)

Timeline and New updated

2024-01-21: New Sitemap
We release new Sitemaps by date.

2023-07-16: Error Detected
We discovered an error in the editing of the documentation for the Craftsman brand. That's why many products are wrongly documented.
We are in a hurry to correct the mistake.

2023-05-03: Indexed Document Progress
We have indexed 50% of all documents on the website. You can read documents more easily right on the web without downloading the Pdf file.

2023-03-29: Indexed Documents
We tested 10k documents, good results, making it easier for readers. Will be widely deployed to the entire website. Demo

2023-03-14: New change
We started testing converting Manual Pdf files into Html format so that you can read directly on the website.

2023-03-04: New interface for the question page
We improved the appearance of the question page to attract answers.

2022-10-03: Thermomate on ManualsFile
New Brand: Thermomate User Manuals

2022-07-27: New Contents
We started editing the full content of the user manual on the website. This is to make it easier for visitors to find content. For example: User Manual Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker Single Serve K-Cup

2022-04-12: Nakamichi
New Brand: Nakamichi User Manuals

2021-12-30: Drolet heater for Winter
New Brand: Drolet Heating

2021-12-12: Rockford Fosgate on ManualsFile
New Brand on ManualsFile - Rockford Fosgate Audio Manuals

2021-11-11: 500 questions today
Today ManualsFile recorded the milestone of 500 questions / day. We were late. Here are our plan:

  • Recruit more collaborators
  • Calling on users in the ManualsFile community to support each other

2021-11-08: New brand Peloton Fitness Manual
Peloton Logo

2021-11-07: New brand Kwikset
Kwikset Smart Lock User Manual on ManualsFile

2021-10-26: New Domain ManualFiles.com
We use the new domain ManualFiles.com along with the domain ManualsFile.com

2021-10-04: New Brand Medion
Medion User Manual on MF. View

2021-09-08: New Contents
We started editing frequently asked questions to make it easier for our visitors to find answers.

2021-08-02: New Data
We index specification data to provide additional information when you need it. Example

2021-07-29: New audio brand: Denon
A Japanese Brand. View

2021-07-25: New Brand: Ariston
Ariston User Manual on ManualsFile. View

2021-07-15: Remove product in bookmarks
You can remove products in your bookmarks. View Bookmarks

2021-07-06: New brand: Dreo
Dreo User Manuals on ManualsFile.

2021-05-15: New Feature: Request User Manual
Today we're launching a document request feature to better support website users. We will take the request, find the document and send it back by email. View

2021-05-08: New Brand
Musical Fidelity Audio User Manual . View

2021-05-27: New 404 page
We just launched a new 404 page. See here

2021-05-27: New: Cybex brand
Cybex manuals on ManualsFile - Fitness - Cybex Manuals

2021-05-20: Brand First Alert on ManualsFile
Search First Alert's models on ManualsFile. Search

2021-05-16: New brand: Turtle Beach - Headphone
Turtle Beach manuals on Manualsfile. View

2021-05-14: New Brand: Thrustmaster Games Manual
Thrustmaster Games manual on Manualsfile. View

2021-05-13: New brand: LiftMaster on Manualsfile
LiftMaster Manuals published at https://manualsfile.com/brand/boa3f59edd/

2021-03-31: Released Bookmark Feature
We launched the Bookmark feature, which allows users to save documents on the computer. Go to Bookmark.

2018-04-11: Launched
Launched Manualsfile is Online Library Manuals.

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The 3 commandments of manualsFile

  • 1. We do not accept articles of less than 800 (unless they’re a photo gallery).
  • 2. We do not accept articles from marketing agencies or SEO spammers.
  • 3. The article must be written in an informative style. We do not accept infomercials or any type of shameless advertising (no not even if you paid us)

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