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1. Touch the Yes button if you want to restore
the original factory operations.
2. Touch the No button to cancel the
CONNECTION (SmegConnect models only)
In the "settings menu " touch the
Cleaning the appliance
Cleaning the surfaces
To keep the surfaces in good condition, they
should be cleaned regularly after use. Let them
cool first.
Ordinary daily cleaning
Always and only use specific products that do
not contain abrasives or chlorine-based acids.
Pour the product onto a damp cloth and wipe
the surface, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft
cloth or a microfibre cloth.
Food stains or residues
Do not use steel sponges and sharp scrapers as
they will damage the surface.
Use normal, non-abrasive products and a
wooden or plastic tool, if necessary. Rinse
thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or a
microfibre cloth.
Do not allow residues of sugary foods (such as
jam) to set inside the oven. If left to set for too
long, they might damage the enamel lining of
the oven.
Cleaning the cavity
For the best upkeep of the cavity, clean it
regularly after each use.
Avoid letting food residue dry inside, as this
could damage the surfaces.
Take out all removable parts before cleaning.
Always remove solid residues.
Cooking and blast chilling/deep-freezing food
generates moisture inside the cavity. This is a
normal phenomenon and does not affect the
appliance operation in any way.
Each time you finish use:
1. let the appliance cool down;
2. remove dirt from the cavity;
3. dry the cavity with a soft cloth;
4. leave the door open until the inside of the
appliance has dried completely.
Removing rack/tray support frames
Removing the rack/tray support frames enables
the sides to be cleaned more easily.
To remove the rack/tray support frames:
Using a medium-sized slotted screwdriver,
unscrew the pins that secure the frame to the
Menu where connectivity parameters
are displayed.
For CONNECTION-related settings
refer to the "Built-in Oven
Connectivity" user manual.
See General safety instructions.
In the event you are using specific
cleaning products, we recommend
running the oven at maximum
temperature for 15-20 minutes in order
to eliminate any residue.
At the end of each use, two automatic
cleaning cycles are recommended to
ensure optimal sanitising of the cavity.
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