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46 - PRECAUTIONS 91477A521/A
In bed and breakfasts.
The appliance is not designed to
operate with external timers or
with remote-control systems.
This user manual
This user manual is an integral part of the
appliance and must therefore be kept in its
entirety and within the user's reach for the
whole working life of the appliance.
Read this user manual carefully before using
the appliance.
The explanations in this manual include
images, which describe all that regularly
appears on the display. However, it should
be kept in mind that the appliance may be
equipped with an updated version of the
system, and as such, all that appears on the
display may differ from those in the manual.
Manufacturer’s liability
The manufacturer declines all liability for
damage to persons or property caused by:
use of the appliance other than that
failure to comply with the instructions in the
user manual;
tampering with any part of the appliance;
use of non-original spare parts.
Identification plate
The identification plate bears the technical data,
serial number and brand name of the
appliance. Do not remove the identification
plate for any reason.
This appliance conforms to the WEEE
European directive (2012/19/EU) and
must be disposed of separately from
other waste at the end of its service life.
The appliance does not contain substances in
quantities sufficient to be considered hazardous
to health and the environment, in accordance
with current European directives.
To dispose of the appliance:
Cut the power cable and remove it.
Deliver the appliance to the appropriate
recycling centre for electrical and electronic
equipment waste, or return it to the retailer
when purchasing an equivalent product, on
a one for one basis.
Our appliances are packaged in non-polluting
and recyclable materials.
Deliver the packing materials to the
appropriate recycling centre.
To save energy
Perform a pre-cooling cycle of a minimum of
15 minutes with the appliance empty before
placing the food to be chilled inside.
Perform a pre-cooling cycle to reduce
power consumption and the time taken.
Do not cover trays or containers with
insulating films or covers.
Ensure that the containers are suitable for
use at low temperatures.
Arrange the trays or containers evenly inside
the appliance, ensuring you do not stack
them or place them on top of each other in
order to allow air to circulate.
Do not allow hot food to sit at ambient
temperature before blast chilling or deep-
freezing in order to retain its desirable
Reduce any opening of the door to a
minimum to avoid temperature dispersal.
Keep the appliance clean at all times.
Light sources
This appliance contains light sources which
cannot be replaced by the user and must
only be replaced by the technical assistance
This appliance is not subject to the
energy labelling requirements of Article
1, point E of Regulation 643/2009.
Power voltage
Danger of electrocution
Disconnect the mains power supply.
Unplug the appliance.
Plastic packaging
Danger of suffocation
Do not leave the packaging or any part of it
Do not let children play with the plastic
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