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50 - USE 91477A521/A
break the cell walls of the food. When
defrosted, the food will not lose liquid and will
retain their consistency and taste.
Without blast chiller:
bacteriological risk;
evaporation and dehydration;
food weight loss;
loss of flavours, aromas, colours;
rapid spoiling;
formation of large ice crystals which
damage the fibres of the food.
With blast chiller:
food safety;
retention of original consistency;
no food weight loss;
retention of original properties;
longer preservation time;
formation of micro-crystals of ice that do not
damage the food, allowing its properties to
be preserved.
Preliminary operations
Remove any protective film from the outside
or inside of the appliance, including
Remove any labels (apart from the technical
data plate) from the accessories and inside
of the appliance.
Remove and wash all the appliance
accessories (see chapter "CLEANING
To remove any manufacturing residue, clean
the inside of the appliance thoroughly with a
soft cloth and neutral, non-abrasive
Using the accessories
Racks and trays
Racks and trays have to be inserted into the side
guides until they come to a complete stop.
The mechanical safety locks that prevent the
rack from being accidentally removed must
face downwards and towards the back of
Multifunctional rack
Depending on the dimensions, the
multifunctional rack can accommodate various
bottle rack configurations. Here are some
See General safety instructions.
Gently insert racks and trays into the
cavity until they come to a stop.
Clean the trays before using them for
the first time to remove any residues left
by the manufacturing process.
If turned, it can be used as a normal
rack for supporting containers.
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