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64 - USE 91477A521/A
After pre-cooling or pre-heating, a buzzer will
sound and a message is displayed to indicate
that the food can be put in the appliance cavity.
Function start
At the end of pre-cooling or pre-heating:
1. Open the door
2. Insert the dish into the cavity.
3. Close the door.
4. Touch the CONFIRM button to start the
This stage is indicated by a progressive increase
in the horizontal bar.
Timed function
1. After selecting a function, touch the
DURATION button or the related
2. Scroll through the values and select the
required duration.
3. Touch the CONFIRM button to confirm
the selected duration.
The time expected for the end of function
displays under the duration.
4. Touch the START button to start the
timed function.
Programmed function
1. After setting a timed function, touch the END
OF FUNCTION button or the relevant
It is recommended not to introduce the
dish into the cavity of the appliance
during the pre-cooling stage.
You can skip the pre-cooling stage
touching the dedicated button or
Touch the STOP button to start the
function at any time.
Timed function is the function which
allows a cooking operation that ends
after a specific time set by the user.
For some functions, it is not possible to
set the duration.
The hours and minutes can be selected
Programmed cooking is the function of
time-controlled cooking operation to be
stopped at a preset time depending on
the time set by the user, after which the
appliance will switch off automatically.
For safety reasons, it is not possible to
set the end of cooking time by itself
without setting the cooking duration.
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