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60 - USE 91477A521/A
Hot programs
1. Touch the HOT PROGRAMS button
in the "main menu" (in the main area ).
Some hot functions (SLOW COOKING
and YOGHURT ) are preceded by a
preheating stage
which allows the
appliance to heat to the cooking temperature
more quickly.
Furthermore, in some functions, this stage is set at
65°C to promote effective sanitising of the
appliance cavity.
This stage is indicated by a progressive increase
in the temperature level reached.
After pre-heating, a buzzer will sound and a
message will appear on the display to indicate
that the dish can be put in the oven cavity.
Function start
At the end of preheating:
1. Open the door
2. Insert the dish into the cavity.
3. Close the door.
4. Touch the CONFIRM button to start the
This stage is indicated by a progressive increase
in the horizontal bar.
SLOW COOKING (with the temperature
1. Touch the SLOW COOKING
2. Select the type of food to cook (e.g. FISH
3. Select the cut of the food to be blast chilled
(e.g. SALMON ).
4. Touch the PROBE button in the lower
area .
See General safety instructions.
Each time the door is opened, the
function in progress will stop and
then automatically restart when the
door is closed again.
It is recommended not to stack food
or make several layers.
Preferably carry out a pre-heating
Unless otherwise indicated in the
recipe, it is not recommended to place
food in the oven during the preheating
You can skip the pre-heating stage
touching the dedicated button .
Touch the STOP button to start the
function at any time.
Low-temperature preparations are
long-lasting cooking processes for food
that retain their juices inside, with the
result that they do not dry out or harden.
For best results, it is recommended
browning the food for a few minutes in
a frying pan or by means of the oven
grill before or after cooking at a low
temperature (depending on the recipe).
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