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72 - INSTALLATION 91477A521/A
with a contact separation distance sufficient to
provide complete disconnection in category III
overvoltage conditions, pursuant to installation
For the Australian/New Zealand market:
The circuit breaker incorporated in the fixed
connection must comply with AS/NZS 3000.
Connection with plug and socket
Make sure that the plug and socket are of the
same type.
Avoid using adapters, gang sockets or shunts as
these could cause overheating and a risk of
Position of the power cable
Fastening bushings
1. Remove the bushing covers on the front of
the appliance.
2. Mount the appliance into the recess.
3. Secure the appliance to the cabinet through
4. Cover the bushings with the previously
removed covers.
Appliance overall dimensions (mm)
See General safety instructions.
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