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56 - USE 91477A521/A
Tips for blast chilling food
Before introducing hot food to be blast
chilled, it is always recommended to run the
pre-cooling cycle of the (empty) cavity to
reduce time and energy consumption.
During blast chilling do not cover trays or
containers with insulating films or covers.
Ensure that the containers are suitable for
use at low temperatures.
Arrange the trays or containers evenly inside
the appliance, ensuring you do not stack
them or place them on top of each other in
order to allow air to circulate.
Avoid keeping hot food at room
temperature before blast chilling in order to
retain correct properties.
Blast chilled food should be kept in the
refrigerator at a constant temperature of
Blast chilled food must not be stored inside
the appliance.
BLAST CHILLING (using the temperature
1. After selecting the BLAST CHILLING
function select the type of food to be
blast chilled (e.g. MEAT ).
2. Select the cut of the food that can be blast
chilled using the temperature probe (e.g.
3. Select the status of the food to be blast
chilled (RAW FOOD or COOKED
4. Scroll through the values to set the weight of
the food to be blast chilled.
5. Touch the CONFIRM button to confirm
the selected value.
6. Touch the PROBE button in the lower
area .
7. Scroll through the target temperature values
and select the required temperature.
8. Touch the CONFIRM button to confirm
the selected probe temperature.
9. Touch the START button to start the pre-
cooling stage.
10. When pre-cooling is complete, insert the tip
of the temperature probe into the food and
connect the plug to the socket on the inside
of the appliance (as described above).
11. Touch the CONFIRM button to start the
Blast chilling stage
This stage is indicated by a progressive increase
in blast chilling.
Blast chilling end with the temperature probe
The function ends when the instantaneous
temperature reaches the target temperature.
1. Open the door.
2. Remove the probe from the food.
3. Unscrew the ring nut and disconnect the
temperature probe plug from the socket on
the inside of the appliance.
4. Take out the food from the cavity.
5. Close the door.
Some foods can be blast chilled with
the help of the temperature probe.
The symbol indicates that the
probe is not connected to the
Touch the STOP button to start the
function at any time.
This function allows the temperature of
food to be rapidly brought down to a
temperature of -18°C.
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