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54 - USE 91477A521/A
Up to 2 minute minder Timers can be set:
2. Touch the button of the TIMER -
that you intend to use.
3. Scroll through the values and select the
required duration.
4. Touch the CONFIRM button to confirm
the selected duration.
5. Repeat the procedure for the other Timers
that you intend to use.
6. When finished, touch the CONFIRM
button again to confirm the selected timers.
In the following display, the lit TIMER
button indicates that one or more minute minder
timers have been activated.
7. Wait for the buzzer to indicate that the time
has finished.
Cold programs
1. Touch the COLD PROGRAMS
button in the "main menu" (in the main area
Some cold functions (BLAST CHILLING
and DEEP-FREEZING ) are preceded by
a pre-cooling stage which allows the
appliance to reach the preset temperature more
This stage is indicated by a progressive increase
The DELETE button appears in the
lower area that can be used to
delete a timer if one has been selected.
To cancel the operation, touch the
RETURN button.
The counter must be set to zero in order
to remove the minute minder timer.
The display cannot be switched off
using the ON-OFF button when a
timer is active.
See General safety instructions.
Each time the door is opened, the
function in progress will stop and
then automatically restart when the
door is closed again.
The initial temperature of the food
(especially if it is cooked) can vary
the times indicated in the programs.
Foods of equal weight but different
thickness may require different times
from those indicated in the
It is recommended not to stack food
or make several layers.
Preferably carry out a pre-cooling
Do not deep-freeze or blast chill
food in lidded containers.
On the rack, use a container slightly
larger than the food to allow optimal
airflow into the cavity.
Do not fill the container to the brim to
enable it to be closed better later.
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