Smeg SBC4104G Blast chiller

User manual EN pdf - Page 13

For SBC4104G.

PDF File Manual, 34 pages, Download pdf file

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52 - USE 91477A521/A
button to display the following screen:
current time display.
Main area
The various functions of the appliance can be
set in this area. Touch the buttons and values to
set the required function.
In addition, depending on the screen, dots may
appear at the bottom of this area to indicate that
there are other function pages, which can be
reached by scrolling horizontally.
first page,
second page,
Lower area
There are various shortcut function buttons in this
area, which vary according to the functions set
in the main area:
In addition, depending on the page displayed,
there will also be other buttons assigned to the
function being used.
To access the main menu.
Touch the time indicated on the display.
Connectivity (on some models only)
Connectivity requirements:
Smartphone or PC tablet with IOS or
Android operating system. The minimum
versions of the operating systems are
available at the following link:
•Wi-Fi network (2.4 GHz band, WPA2
protected) active and available in the
place where the appliance is installed.
Internet connection.
Name and password of the home Wi-Fi
network or WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
mode available.
For further information, please refer to the
"Built-in oven connectivity" manual.
First use
To switch on the appliance:
1. Connect the appliance to the mains power
The manufacturer’s logo will display for a few
Next, the display shows the setting screen for
the current time.
To be able to start any cooking function, the
current time must be set.
The INFORMATION button is
replaced by the symbol to warn
that the door is open.
Press and hold the HOME button
for a few seconds to stop the function
immediately at any time and return to
the main menu.
The following instructions are also valid
in the case of a prolonged power
After the appliance is switched on, you
will need to wait a few seconds before
you can use it.
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