Pioneer PDP-V402 Plasma HDTV TV

User Manual

For PDP-V402. Also, The document are for others Pioneer models: PDP-V402E, PDA-4003, PDK-4001, PDK-4002, PDK-4003, PDK-4004, PDK-4005, PDK-4006, PDK-5008, PDM-4001, PDA-4002, PDP-S03-LR

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PDP-V402 photo
Plasma Display: PDP-V402/V402E
Down converter: PDA-4003
Tilted cradle: PDK-4001
Metal fixture for ceiling-hanging type plasma display: PDK-4002
PDP bracket: PDK-4005
Metal fixture for wall-hanging type plasma display: PDK-4006
Mobile cart: PDK-5008
Multiple mounting fixture for plasma display: PDM-4001
Protective filter: PDA-4002
Speaker system: PDP-S03-LR
We sell this equipment on the assumption that it
will be installed by a specialist with adequate training.
The equipment must be installed by trained vendors
or by your dealer.
We are not responsible for injuries or damage
resulting from choice of unsuitable installation sites,
problems in assembly and installation, improper
installation, or natural disasters.
We are not responsible for damage caused by defective
parts supplied by third parties.
The performance of the equipment is guaranteed only
when assembly and adjustment are performed as
described herein.
The specifications and descriptions given in this
technical manual are subject to change without notice.
For safety
In this manual, this symbol indicates important
precautions. Read these precautions carefully.
This manual gives precautions, general information, and examples for installation and handling of the plasma display
and its metal fixtures.
Carefully examine the structure, material, strength, and environmental conditions for the site at which the display is to
be installed before selecting an installation method. If the site is unsatisfactory, venders should not sell or install the
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