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Information for model and ordering spare parts
Model information
To access energy labelling information about this product on the European Product
Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL), scan QR-Code on the energy label.
You can nd QR-Code on the energy label in your product box.
Part information
The minimum period during which spare parts, necessary for the repair of the
appliance, are available
- 7 Years thermostats, temperature sensors, printed circuit boards and light sources,
door handles, door hinges, trays, baskets (boxes or drawers)
- 10 Years door gaskets
The minimum duration of the guarantee of the refrigerating appliance offered by the
manufacturer 24 Months.
Relevant information for ordering spare parts, directly or through other channels
provided by the manufacturer, importer or authorized representative
You can nd professional repair information on http://samsung.com/support.
You can nd user servicing manual on http://samsung.com/support.
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