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01 Fridge / Vacation (3 sec)
To adjust the fridge temperature, press Fridge to select the
corresponding temperature.
You can change the temperature between 1 °C and 7 °C (default: 3 °C).
Power Cool
Power Cool speeds up the cooling process at maximum fan speed. The
fridge keeps running at full speed for two and a half hours and then
returns to the previous temperature.
To activate Power Cool, select temperature 1 °C, and then press
Fridge to select Power Cool. The corresponding indicator ( )
lights up, and the refrigerator will speed up the cooling process for
To deactivate Power Cool, press Fridge again. Then, the
temperature of the fridge will be set back to 7 °C.
Using Power Cool increases energy consumption. Make sure you turn
it off and return to the previous temperature if you don't intend to use
Use the Vacation function if you are going on vacation or a
business trip, or if you do not intend to use the fridge for an
extended time. The fridge temperature will be kept under 17 °C,
but the freezer remains active as previously set.
To activate or deactivate the Vacation mode, press and hold Fridge
for 3 seconds. When you activate the Vacation mode, " " appears
on the temperature indicator.
Make sure to remove foods in the fridge compartment before using
Vacation mode.
The Vacation mode will be disabled if you adjust the temperature.
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