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English 55
Temperature Instruction
Recommended Temperature
The optimal temperature setting for food storage:
Fridge: 3 °C
Freezer: -19 °C
The optimal temperature setting of each compartment depends on the ambient
temperature. Above optimal temperature is based on the ambient temperature of 25 °C.
Power Cool (applicable models only)
Power Cool speeds up the cooling process at maximum fan speed. The fridge keeps running
at full speed for two and a half hours and then returns to the previous temperature.
Power Freeze (applicable models only)
Power Freeze speeds up the freezing process at maximum fan speed. The freezer keeps
running at full speed for 50 hours and then returns to the previous temperature. To freeze
large amounts of food, activate Power Freeze for at least 20 hours before putting food in
the freezer.
When you use this function the energy consumption of the refrigerator will increase.
Remember to turn it off when you don’t need it and return the freezer to your original
temperature setting.
How to store for best preservation (applicable models only)
Cover foods to retain moisture and prevent them from picking up odors from other foods.
A large pot of food like soup or stew should be divided into small portions and put in
shallow containers before being refrigerated. A large cut of meat or whole poultry should
be divided into smaller pieces or placed in shallow containers before refrigerating.
Placement of Foods
Shelves should be adjustable to accommodate a variety of
Specialized compartment
(applicable models only)
Sealed crisper drawers provide an optimal storage
environment for fruits and vegetables. Vegetables require
higher humidity conditions while fruits require lower
humidity conditions.
Crispers are equipped with controls devices to control
the humidity level. (*Depending on model and options)
An adjustable temperature meat drawer maximizes the
storage time of meats and cheeses.
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