User Manual Samsung BRD27600EWW/EU Integrated No Frost Fridge 289L BRR27600EWW

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Safety information
Critical disposal warnings
Please dispose of the packaging material from this product
in an environmentally friendly manner.
Ensure that none of the pipes on the back of the
refrigerator are damaged prior to disposal.
When disposing of this refrigerator, remove the door/
door seals and door latch so that small children or
animals cannot become trapped inside. Children should
be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
appliance. If trapped inside, a child may get hurt or
suffocate to death.
- If trapped inside, the child may become injury and
suffocate to death.
Cyclopentane is used in the insulation. The gases in the
insulation material require a special disposal procedure.
Please contact your local authorities in regard to the
environmentally safe disposal of this product.
Keep all packaging materials well out of the reach of
children, as packaging materials can be dangerous to
- If a child places a bag over his or her head, the child
could suffocate.
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