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Safety information
Before using your new Samsung Refrigerator, please read this manual thoroughly to ensure
that you know how to operate the features and functions that your new appliance offers
safely and efciently.
What you need to know about the safety
Warnings and Important Safety Instructions in this manual
do not cover all possible conditions and situations that
may occur.
It is your responsibility to use common sense, caution,
and care when installing, maintaining, and operating your
Because these following operating instructions cover
various models, the characteristics of your refrigerator
may differ slightly from those described in this manual and
not all warning signs may be applicable. If you have any
questions or concerns, contact your nearest service center
or nd help and information online at www.samsung.com.
R-600a or R-134a is used as a refrigerant. Check the
compressor label on the rear of the appliance or the rating
label inside the appliance to see which refrigerant is used
for your appliance. When this product contains ammable
gas (Refrigerant R-600a), contact your local authority in
regard to safe disposal of this product.
In order to avoid the creation of a ammable gas-air
mixture if a leak in the refrigerating circuit occurs, the size
of the room in which the appliance may be sited depends
on the amount of refrigerant used.
It is hazardous for anyone other than an Authorized
Service Person to service this appliance.
Safety information
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