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Safety information
Safety information
Connect the power plug in the proper position with the
cord hanging down.
- If you connect the power plug upside down, the wire
can get cut off and cause a re or electric shock.
Make sure that the power plug is not crushed or damaged
by the back of the refrigerator.
Keep the packing materials out of reach of children.
- There is a risk of death from suffocation if a child puts
the packing materials on his or her head.
Do not install this appliance in a humid, oily or dusty
location, in a location exposed to direct sunlight and water
(rain drops).
- Deteriorated insulation of electrical parts may cause an
electric shock or re.
Do not stand on top of the appliance or place objects (such
as laundry, lighted candles, lighted cigarettes, dishes,
chemicals, metal objects, etc.) on the appliance.
- This may result in an electric shock, re, problems with
the product, or injury.
You need to remove all the protective plastic lm before
you initially plug the product in.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not
play with the snap rings used for door adjustment or the
water tube clips.
- There is risk of death by suffocation if a child swallows
a snap ring or water tube clip. Keep the snap rings and
water tube clips out of children’s reach.
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