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Interior and exterior
Do not use benzene, thinner, or home/car detergent such as Clorox™ for cleaning
purposes. They may damage the surface of the refrigerator and cause a re.
Do not spray water onto the refrigerator. This may cause electric shock.
Regularly use a dry cloth to remove all foreign substances such as dust or water from the
power plug terminals and contact points.
1. Unplug the power cord.
2. Use a moistened, soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel to clean the refrigerator’s interior
and exterior.
3. When done, use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry well.
4. Plug in the power cord.
LED Lamps
To replace the lamps of the refrigerator, contact a local Samsung service centre.
The lamps are not user-serviceable. Do not attempt to replace a lamp yourself. This can
cause electric shock.
Lamp (Light Source)
This product contains a light source of energy efciency class <G>.
The lamp(s) and/or control gear(s) are not user-serviceable. To replace the lamp(s) and/or
control gear(s) in the product, contact a local Samsung service centre.
For detailed instructions on replacing lamp(s) or control gear(s) in your product, visit the
Samsung website (http://www.samsung.com), go to Support > Support home, and then
enter the model name.
For detailed instructions on dismantling lamp(s) and/or control gear(s), simply follow the
replacement instruction reached as described above.
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