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Safety Instruction
For the most efcient use of energy, please keep the all inner ttings such as baskets,
drawers, shelves and ice cube tray on the position supplied by manufacturer.
Install Instruction
For refrigerating appliances with climate class
Depending on the climate class, This refrigerating appliance is intended to be used at
ambient temperatures range as specied following table.
The climate class can be found on the rating plate. The product may not operate properly
at temperatures outside of the specic range.
You can nd climate class on label inside of your refrigerator
Effective temperature range
The refrigerator is designed to operate normally in the temperature range specied by its
class rating.
Class Symbol
Ambient Temperature range (°C)
IEC 62552 (ISO 15502) ISO 8561
Extended Temperate SN +10 to +32 +10 to +32
Temperate N +16 to +32 +16 to +32
Subtropical ST +16 to +38 +18 to +38
Tropical T +16 to +43 +18 to +43
The cooling performance and power consumption of the refrigerator may be affected by
the ambient temperature, the door-opening frequency, and the location of the refrigerator.
We recommend adjusting the temperature settings as appropriate.
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