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LG Electronics LHB953 Network Blu-ray Home Theater System - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Home Theater System for LG Electronics LHB953

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Resolution Setting
  • Internet connection
  • Network Software Update
  • Setting the sound mode
  • Adjust the speaker level settings
  • Using the late night function
  • Using the sleep timer
  • Using USB devices
  • Using the Home Menu
  • Adjust the Setup settings
  • Play a disc
  • Displaying disc Information
  • Enjoying BD-LIVETM
  • Playing a movie
  • Listening to music
  • Viewing a photo
  • Playing Netflix Streaming
  • Playing CinemaNow videos
  • Using Pandora
  • Playing YouTube videos
  • Listening to the radio
  • Playing the iPod .

HDMI OUT connection

  • For the 480i resolution setting, real output resolution of HDMI OUT will change to 480p.
  • If you select a resolution manually and then connect the HDMI jack to TV and your TV does not accept it, the resolution setting is set to [Auto].
  • If you select a resolution that your TV does not accept, the warning message will appear. After resolution change, if you cannot see the screen, please wait 20 seconds and the resolution will automatically revert back to the previous resolution.
  • The 1080p video output frame rate may be automatically set to either 24Hz or 60Hz depending both on the capability and preference of the connected TV and based on the native video frame rate of the content on the BD-ROM disc.


  • For the 1080p resolution setting with unprotected media, real output resolution of COMPONENT VIDEO OUT will change to 1080i.
  • For the 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution setting with protected media, real output resolution of COMPONENT VIDEO OUT will change to 480i or 480p depending on the connectivity of HDMI cable.
  • BD, DVD or Netflix video stream could prevent up-scaling on analog output.

Using the sleep timer

You can set the system to turn of f at a preset time, so you can fall asleep listening to music.

  • Press SLEEP repeatedly to select the desired time period options (in minutes): (Dimmer on -> Sleep timer value -> Dimmer off) Dimmer on: The lighting of the touch buttons and the volume knob are turned off and the front panel display is dimmed.
  • To view the time countdown to the standby mode, press SLEEP again.
  • To deactivate the sleep timer, press SLEEP until the previous status is displayed or press POWER to switch the unit to standby

Inserting/Removing the USB device

Inserting the USB device – Insert straight-in until it fits into place.

Removing the USB device – Withdraw the USB device or cable carefully.

  • This player supports USB flash memory/external HDD formatted in FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS when accessing files (music, photo). However, for BD-Live, only FAT16 and FAT32 formats are supported. Please use the Internal Flash Memory or USB flash memory/external HDD formatted in either FAT16 or FAT32 when using BD-Live.
  • The USB device can be used for the local storage for enjoying BD-Live discs with Internet.
  • This unit can support up to 4 partitions of the USB device.
  • Do not extract the USB device during operation (play, etc.).
  • A USB device which requires additional program installation when you have connected it to a computer is not supported.
  • USB device: USB device that support USB1.1 and USB2.0.
  • Music files (MP3/WMA) and photo files (JPEG/PNG) can be played. For details of operations on each file, refer to relevant pages.
  • Regular back up is recommended to prevent data loss.
  • If you use a USB extension cable or USB HUB, the USB device may not be recognized.
  • Some USB devices may not work with this unit.
  • Digital camera and mobile phone are not supported.
  • USB Port of the unit cannot be connected to PC.
  • The unit cannot be used as a storage device.

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