Skoda 2016 Škoda Citigo - Use Manual

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ŠKODA Citigo
 1ST012720AK
You have opted for a ŠKODA – our sincere thanks for your confidence in us.
This Owner ́s Manual contains instructions about the vehicle operation, important information about safety, vehicle care, maintenance and self-help and technical vehicle data.

Please read this Owner's Manual carefully, because the operation in accordance with these instruc- tions is a prerequisite for proper use of the vehicle.
We wish you much pleasure with your ŠKODA and pleasant motoring at all times.
Window operations 43 Panorama sliding/tilting roof 45
Lights and visibility 47 Lights 47 Indoor Lighting 50 Visibility 50 Windscreen wipers and washers 51 Rear mirror 52
Seats and head restraints 54 Seats and head restraints 54 Seat features 55
Transporting and practical equipment 58 Useful equipment 58 Luggage compartment and transporting cargo 64 Roof rack 67
Heating and ventilation 69 Heating, manual air conditioning system 69
Communication and multimedia 72 Telephone and Move & Fun 72
Starting-off and Driving 75 Starting and turning off the engine 75 START-STOPsystem 77 Brakes and parking 78 Manual gear changing and pedals 80 Automated transmission 81 Running-in and economical driving 83 Avoiding damage to your vehicle 84
Assist systems 85 General information 85 Braking and stabilisation systems 85 Parking aid (ParkPilot) 86 Cruise Control System 88 Table of Contents
City Safe Drive 89 Tyre pressure monitoring 90 Board literature 4
General Maintenance
Structure and more information about the Owner's Manual 6
Care and maintenance 92
Modifications, adjustments and technical alterations 92 Abbreviations
Washing vehicle 95 Cleaning vehicle exterior 96 Safety
Interior care 100
Passive Safety 8 General information 8 Correct and safe seated position 8
Seat belts 11 Using seat belts 11 Inertia reels and belt tensioners 13
Inspecting and replenishing 102 Fuel



Use Guide Skoda 2016 Škoda Citigo - Use Manual PDF.

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