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About the Owner's Manual
Introductory information
Read this Owner's manual carefully, because the operation in accordance with these instructions is a prerequisite for proper use of the vehicle.
When using the vehicle, the universally applicable country-specific legal re- road traffic etc.) must always be observed.
Always pay attention when driving! As the driver, you are fully responsible for road safety.
The Owner's Manual applies to all body variants of the vehicle, all related model versions as well as all equipment levels.

The Owner's Manual describes all possible equipment variants without identi- fying them as special equipment, model variants or market-dependent equip- ment. Consequently, this vehicle does not contain all of the equipment com- ponents described in the Owner's Manual.
The level of equipment in your vehicle refers to your purchase contract for the vehicle. For any questions regarding the scope of equipment, please contact a
ŠKODA Partner.
The pictures in the Owner's Manual are for illustrative purposes only. The illus- trations can differ in minor details from your vehicle; they are only intended to provide general information.
ŠKODA AUTO pursues a policy of ongoing product and model development with all vehicles. Changes in terms of supply scope are possible at any time with regard to design, equipment and technology. The information listed in the
Owner's Manual corresponds to the information available at the time of going
Therefore legal claims cannot be made based on the technical data, illustra- tions and information contained in the Owner's Manual.
We recommend that the web pages that are referred to in the Owner's Man- ual are displayed using the classic view. If the web pages are displayed using the mobile view, they may not contain all necessary information.
Printed Owner's Manual
The printed Owner's Manual includes the most important information relating to vehicle operation. For complete information, see the electronic version of the Owner's M



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