Neff B1CCE2AN0 Built-in Oven

Instruction Manual - Page 8

For B1CCE2AN0. Also, The document are for others Neff models: B1CCE2AN0*, B1ACC2A.0

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en Getting to know your appliance
Other functions
Your new oven has yet more functions; see below for a
brief description of these.
Use the temperature selector to set the temperature in
the cooking compartment. You can also use it to select
the settings for other functions.
For temperature settings above 250 °C, the appliance
reduces the temperature to approx. 240 °C after
approx. 10 minutes. If your appliance has the top/
bottom heating or bottom heating types, this reduction
does not take place.
Cooking compartment
Various functions in the cooking compartment make
your appliance easier to use. For example, the cooking
compartment is well lit and a cooling fan prevents the
appliance from overheating.
Opening the appliance door
If you open the appliance door when the appliance is in
operation, the appliance will continue to operate as
Interior lighting
With most heating functions and other functions, the
interior lighting in the cooking compartment will remain
lit while the oven is in operation. When the function
selector is turned to bring operation to an end, the
lighting will go out.
By turning the function selector to the interior lighting
setting, you can switch on the lighting without heating
the oven. This makes it easier to clean your appliance,
for example.
Cooling fan
The cooling fan switches on and off as required. The
hot air escapes above the door.
Do not cover the ventilation slots. Otherwise, the
appliance may overheat.
So that the cooking compartment cools down more
quickly after operation, the cooling fan continues to run
for a certain period afterwards.
CircoTherm gentle For gently cooking selected types of food on one level without preheating.
The fan distributes the heat from the ring-shaped heating element in the back panel
around the cooking compartment.
This heating function is used to measure both the energy consumption in air recirculation
mode and the energy efficiency class.
Grill, large area For grilling flat items, such as steaks or sausages, for making toast, and for au gratin
The whole area below the grill element becomes hot.
Circo-roasting For roasting poultry, whole fish and larger pieces of meat.
The grill heating element and the fan switch on and off alternately. The fan circulates the
hot air around the food.
Top/bottom heating For traditional baking and roasting on one level. Especially suitable for cakes with moist
Heat is emitted evenly from above and below. This type of heating is used to measure the
energy consumption in the conventional mode.
Function Use
Rapid heating Preheats the cooking compartment rapidly without accessories.
Interior lighting Switches on the interior lighting; all other functions remain off.
Makes it easier to clean the cooking compartment, for example.
EasyClean Cleaning light dirt in the cooking compartment.
~ "Cleaning function" on page 14
Position Meaning
"Off" position The appliance is not heating.
50-275 Temperature
The temperature that can be set in the
cooking compartment in °C.
EasyClean The setting for the cleaning aid.
Grill, intensive The maximum adjustable tempera-
ture for the "Grill, large area" or "Grill,
small area" types of heating (depend-
ing on the appliance type).
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