Neff B1CCE2AN0 Built-in Oven

Instruction Manual - Page 14

For B1CCE2AN0. Also, The document are for others Neff models: B1CCE2AN0*, B1ACC2A.0

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en Cleaning function
Slight differences in colour on the front of the
appliance are caused by the use of different
materials, such as glass, plastic and metal.
Shadows on the door panels, which look like
streaks, are caused by reflections made by the
interior lighting.
Enamel is baked on at very high temperatures.This
can cause some slight colour variation. This is
normal and does not affect operation.
The edges of thin trays cannot be completely
enamelled. As a result, these edges can be rough.
This does not impair the anti-corrosion protection.
Keeping the appliance clean
Always keep the appliance clean and remove dirt
immediately so that stubborn deposits of dirt do not
build up.
:Warning – Risk of fire!
Loose food remnants, fat and meat juices may catch
fire. Before using the appliance, remove the worst of the
food remnants from the cooking compartment, heating
elements and accessories.
Clean the cooking compartment after each use. This
will ensure that dirt cannot be baked on.
Always remove flecks of limescale, grease, starch
and albumin (e.g. egg white) immediately.
Use the universal pan for baking very moist cakes.
Use suitable ovenware for roasting, e.g. a roasting
.Cleaning function
Cl e a n i n g functi on
Your appliance comes with the EasyClean cleaning aid.
The EasyClean cleaning aid makes it easier to clean the
cooking compartment.
The EasyClean cleaning aid makes it easier to clean the
cooking compartment. Dirt is softened beforehand by
vaporizing soapy water. It can then be removed more
:Warning – Risk of scalding!
Water in a hot cooking compartment may create hot
steam. Never pour water into the cooking compartment
when the cooking compartment is hot.
Setting the cleaning aid
Note: Only use the EasyClean
š cleaning aid when the
cooking compartment has cooled down. Allow the
cooking compartment to completely cool down.
1. Remove the accessories from the cooking
2. Mix 0.4 litres water (not distilled water) with a drop of
washing-up liquid and pour into the middle of the
cooking compartment floor.
3. Use the function selector and temperature selector
to set EasyClean š.
The duration is shown in the display.
The cleaning aid starts after a few seconds. The
duration counts down in the display.
The duration is preset and cannot be changed.
The end time cannot be delayed.
If œ flashes in the display after switching on, the
cooking compartment has not cooled completely.
Switch off the appliance. Wait until ¬¬ appears in the
display and switch the cleaning aid on again.
Once the cleaning aid has run through to the end, an
audible signal sounds.
Subsequent cleaning
The remaining water in the cooking compartment must
be removed promptly. Do not leave the remaining water
in the cooking compartment for a long time (e.g.
overnight). The appliance must not be operated when
the cooking compartment is still wet or damp.
1. Open the appliance door and remove the remaining
water with an absorbent sponge cloth.
2. Clean the smooth surfaces in the cooking
compartment with a dish cloth or a soft brush.
Stubborn residues can be removed using a stainless
steel scouring pad.
3. Remove limescale with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
Then wipe with clean water and rub dry with a soft
cloth (including under the door seal).
4. To switch off, turn the function selector to the zero
Glass cover for
the interior light-
Hot soapy water:
Clean with a dish cloth and then dry with a soft
If the cooking compartment is heavily soiled, use
oven cleaner.
Door seal
Do not remove.
Hot soapy water:
Clean with a dish cloth.
Do not scour.
Door cover made from stainless steel:
Use stainless steel cleaner. Follow the manufac-
turers' instructions. Do not use stainless steel
care products.
made from plastic:
Clean using hot soapy water and a dish cloth. Dry
with a soft cloth. Do not use glass cleaner or a
glass scraper.
Remove the door cover for cleaning.
Rails Hot soapy water:
Soak and clean with a dish cloth or brush.
Pull-out system Hot soapy water:
Clean with a dish cloth or a brush.
Do not remove the lubricant while the pull-out rails
are pulled out – it is best to clean them when they
are pushed in. Do not clean in the dishwasher.
Accessories Hot soapy water:
Soak and clean with a dish cloth or brush.
If there are heavy deposits of dirt, use a stainless
steel scouring pad.
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