Neff B1CCE2AN0 Built-in Oven

Instruction Manual - Page 19

For B1CCE2AN0. Also, The document are for others Neff models: B1CCE2AN0*, B1ACC2A.0

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Tested for you in our cooking studio en
JTested for you in our
cooking studio
Tes t e d for you in our cooki ng st udi o
Here, you can find a selection of dishes and the ideal
settings for them. We will show you which type of
heating and temperature are best suited to your dish.
You will get information on suitable cooking
accessories and the height at which they should be
placed in the oven. You will also get tips about
cookware and preparation methods.
Note: A lot of steam can build up in the cooking
compartment when cooking food.
Your appliance is very energy-efficient and radiates very
little heat to its surroundings during operation. Due to
the high difference in temperature between the
appliance interior and the external parts of the
appliance, condensation may build up on the door,
control panel or adjacent kitchen cabinet panels. This is
a normal physical phenomenon. Condensation can be
reduced by preheating the oven or opening the door
General information
Recommended setting values
The table lists the optimal heating type for various types
of food. The temperature and cooking time are
dependent on the quantity of food and the recipe.
Settings ranges are indicated for this reason. Try using
the lower values to start with. A lower temperature will
result in more even browning. You can use a higher
setting next time if necessary.
Note: Cooking times cannot be reduced by using
higher temperatures. The food would only be cooked
on the outside, but would not be fully baked in the
The setting values apply to food that is placed into a
cold cooking compartment. By doing so, you can make
energy savings of up to 20 per cent. If you preheat the
oven, you can reduce the indicated baking times by
several minutes.
Preheating is necessary for selected food, and this is
indicated in the table. Do not place your food or
accessories into the cooking compartment until it has
finished preheating.
If you wish to follow one of your own recipes when
baking, you should use the setting values listed for
similar food in the table as reference. Additional
information can be found in the baking tips listed after
the settings tables.
Remove unused accessories from the cooking
compartment. This will ensure that you achieve the best
possible cooking results and energy savings of up to
20 per cent.
CircoTherm gentle heating function
CircoTherm gentle is an intelligent heating function that
allows you to gently cook meat, fish and baked items.
The appliance optimally controls the supply of energy to
the cooking compartment. The food is cooked in
phases using residual heat. This means that it remains
more succulent and browns less. Depending on the
method of preparation and the type of food, it is
possible to save energy. If you open the appliance door
before the food has finished cooking or if you preheat
the appliance, you may not be able to achieve this
Only use genuine accessories for your appliance.
These have been tailored to the cooking compartment
and the heating functions of your appliance. Remove
any accessories that are not being used from the
cooking compartment.
Place the food into the empty cooking compartment
before the oven is heated up. Select a temperature of
between 120 °C and 230 °C.Always keep the
appliance door closed when cooking. Only cook on one
level when using this function.
The CircoTherm gentle heating function is used to
measure both the energy consumption in air
recirculation mode and the energy efficiency class.
Baking on one level
When baking on one level, use the following shelf
Tall baked goods or tin on wire rack: Level 2
Flat baked goods or goods in a baking tray: Level 3
Baking on two or more levels
Use CircoTherm. Items that are placed in the oven on
baking trays or in baking tins/dishes at the same time
will not necessarily be ready at the same time.
Baking on two levels:
Universal pan: Level 3
Baking tray: Level 1
Baking tins/dishes on the wire rack
First wire rack: Level 3
Second wire rack: Level 1
Baking on 3 levels:
Baking tray: Level 4
Universal pan: Level 3
Baking tray: Level 1
You can cut energy use by up to 45% by preparing
items at the same time. Position baking tins/dishes
either next to one another or offset on different shelves
so that they are not directly one above the other in the
cooking compartment.
Only use original accessories supplied with your
appliance. These have been tailored to the cooking
compartment and the operating modes of your
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