Neff B1CCE2AN0 Built-in Oven

Instruction Manual - Page 5

For B1CCE2AN0. Also, The document are for others Neff models: B1CCE2AN0*, B1ACC2A.0

PDF File Manual, 32 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Causes of damage en
Risk of scalding! Water in a hot cooking compartment may
create hot steam. Never pour water into the
cooking compartment when the cooking
compartment is hot.
:Warning – Risk of injury!
Scratched glass in the appliance door may
develop into a crack. Do not use a glass
scraper, sharp or abrasive cleaning aids or
Risk of injury!
The hinges on the appliance door move
when opening and closing the door, and
you may be trapped. Keep your hands away
from the hinges.
:Warning – Risk of electric shock!
Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs
may only be carried out and damaged
power cables replaced by one of our
trained after-sales technicians. If the
appliance is defective, unplug the appliance
from the mains or switch off the circuit
breaker in the fuse box. Contact the after-
sales service.
Risk of electric shock and serious injury!
The cable insulation on electrical
appliances may melt when touching hot
parts of the appliance. Never bring
electrical appliance cables into contact with
hot parts of the appliance.
Risk of electric shock!
Do not use any high-pressure cleaners or
steam cleaners, which can result in an
electric shock.
Risk of electric shock!
A defective appliance may cause electric
shock. Never switch on a defective
appliance. Unplug the appliance from the
mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the
fuse box. Contact the after-sales service.
:Warning – Hazard due to magnetism!
Permanent magnets are used in the control
panel or in the control elements. They may
affect electronic implants, e.g. heart
pacemakers or insulin pumps. Wearers of
electronic implants must stay at least 10 cm
away from the control panel.
Halogen lamp
:Warning – Risk of burns!
The bulbs in the cooking compartment
become very hot. There is still a risk of burning
your skin for some time after they have been
switched off. Do not touch the glass cover.
Avoid contact with your skin when cleaning.
:Warning – Risk of electric shock!
When replacing the cooking compartment
bulb, the bulb socket contacts are live. Before
replacing the bulb, unplug the appliance from
the mains or switch off the circuit breaker in
the fuse box.
]Causes of damage
Ca u s e s of damage
General information
Accessories, foil, greaseproof paper or ovenware on
the cooking compartment floor: do not place
accessories on the cooking compartment floor. Do
not cover the cooking compartment floor with any
sort of foil or greaseproof paper. Do not place
ovenware on the cooking compartment floor if a
temperature of over 50 ºC has been set. This will
cause heat to accumulate. The baking and roasting
times will no longer be correct and the enamel will
be damaged.
Aluminium foil: Aluminium foil in the cooking
compartment must not come into contact with the
door glass. This could cause permanent
discolouration of the door glass.
Water in a hot cooking compartment: do not pour
water into the cooking compartment when it is hot.
This will cause steam. The temperature change can
cause damage to the enamel.
Moisture in the cooking compartment: Over an
extended period of time, moisture in the cooking
compartment may lead to corrosion. Allow the
cooking compartment to dry after use. Do not keep
moist food in the closed cooking compartment for
extended periods of time. Do not store food in the
cooking compartment.
Cooling with the appliance door open: Following
operation at high temperatures, only allow the
cooking compartment to cool down with the door
closed. Do not trap anything in the appliance door.
Even if the door is only left open a crack, the front of
nearby furniture may become damaged over time.
Only leave the cooking compartment to dry with the
door open if a lot of moisture was produced whilst
the oven was operating.
Fruit juice: when baking particularly juicy fruit pies,
do not pack the baking tray too generously. Fruit
juice dripping from the baking tray leaves stains that
cannot be removed. If possible, use the deeper
universal pan.
Extremely dirty seal: If the seal is very dirty, the
appliance door will no longer close properly during
operation. The fronts of adjacent units could be
damaged. Always keep the seal clean. Never
operate the appliance if the seal is damaged or
Appliance door as a seat, shelf or worktop: Do not
sit on the appliance door, or place or hang anything
on it. Do not place any cookware or accessories on
the appliance door.
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