Neff B1CCE2AN0 Built-in Oven

Instruction Manual - Page 11

For B1CCE2AN0. Also, The document are for others Neff models: B1CCE2AN0*, B1ACC2A.0

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Operating the appliance en
1Operating the appliance
Oper at i ng the appl i anc e
You have already learnt about the controls and how
they work. Now we will explain how to apply settings on
your appliance.
Switching the appliance on and off
Use the function selector to switch the appliance on or
off. Turning the function selector to any position other
than the "Off" position switches on the appliance. To
switch off the appliance, always turn the function
selector to the "Off" position.
Setting the heating function and temperature
It is very easy to apply the settings you require to your
appliance using the function and temperature selector.
To find out which heating function is best for which type
of food, refer to the beginning of the instruction manual.
~ "Getting to know your appliance" on page 7
Example in the picture: CircoTherm hot air at
160 °C.
1. Use the function selector to set the heating function.
2. Use the temperature selector to set the temperature
or grill setting.
The appliance will start heating after a few seconds.
Once your food is cooked, turn the function selector to
the "Off" position to switch the appliance off.
Note: You can set both a cooking time and an end time
on the appliance. ~ "Time-setting options" on page 11
The heating function and temperature can be changed
at any time using the relevant selector.
Heating indicator
As soon as the appliance heats up, the / symbol
appears in the display.
When you are preheating the appliance, the optimal
time to place your food in the cooking compartment is
when the / symbol first goes out.
Note: Due to thermal inertia, the temperature that is
displayed may be slightly different to the actual
temperature inside the cooking compartment.
Rapid heating
With Rapid heating, you can shorten the heat-up time.
Only use rapid heating when a temperature of over
100 °C has been selected.
To achieve an even cooking result, do not place your
food into the cooking compartment until rapid heating is
1. Set the function selector to °.
2. Use the temperature selector to set a temperature of
above 100 °C.
The oven starts to heat up after a few seconds. The /
symbol appears in the display.
3. Wait until a signal sounds and the / symbol goes
The rapid heating has ended.
4. Place the meal in the cooking compartment.
5. Set the type of heating.
OTime-setting options
Ti me- set t i ng opt i ons
Your appliance has different time-setting options.
An audible signal will sound once the cooking time or
timer duration has elapsed. You can cancel the audible
signal early by pressing the 0 button.
Note: If you have set a time-setting option, the time
interval increases if you set a higher value. Example:
You can set a cooking time of up to one hour in one-
minute increments; for cooking times over one hour,
you can set a cooking time in five-minute increments.
Time-setting option Use
Timer The timer functions like an egg timer.
Cooking time Once the set cooking time has elapsed, the
appliance will automatically stop heating.
End time Enter a cooking time and the required end
time. The appliance will start up automatically
so that it finishes cooking at the required time.
Clock Set the time on the clock, e.g. after a power
cut, or change it, e.g. from summer time to
winter time.
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