Neff B1CCE2AN0 Built-in Oven

Instruction Manual - Page 7

For B1CCE2AN0. Also, The document are for others Neff models: B1CCE2AN0*, B1ACC2A.0

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Getting to know your appliance en
*Getting to know your
Get t i ng to know your appl i anc e
In this section, we will explain the indicators and
controls. You will also find out about the various
functions of your appliance.
Note: Depending on the appliance model, individual
details and colours may differ.
Control panel
You can set your appliance's various functions on the
control panel. Below, you will see an overview of the
control panel and the layout of the controls.
Note: On some appliances, the control knobs can be
pushed in. To push the control knob in and engage it or
to release it again, turn it to the "Off" position.
Buttons and display
You can use the buttons to set various additional
functions on your appliance. You will be able to see the
values for these on the display.
The value that can be set immediately or that is
elapsing is shown in large digits in the display.
To use the individual time-setting options, tap the
v button several times. If there is a red bar above or
below a symbol, this means that the value being shown
in large digits on the display refers to the function that
this symbol represents.
Types of heating and functions
Use the function selector to set the types of heating and
other functions.
To make sure you always use the right type of heating
to cook your food, we have explained the differences
and applications below.
Buttons and display
The buttons are touch keys with sensors
underneath. Simply touch a symbol to select the
The display shows symbols for active functions
and the time-setting options.
Function selector
Use the function selector to set the heating
function or other functions.
You can turn the function selector clockwise or
anti-clockwise from the "Off" position.
Temperature selector
Use the temperature selector to set the
temperature for the heating function or select the
setting for other functions.
You can only turn the temperature selector
clockwise from the "Off" position, until it offers
resistance. Do not turn the selector beyond this
Symbol Meaning
Time-setting options Tap the symbol repeatedly to select
the time v, timer U, duration x
and end time y.
Reduce setting values.
Increase setting values.
Heating function Use
CircoTherm hot air For baking and cooking on one or more levels.
The fan distributes the heat from the ring heating element in the back panel evenly around
the cooking compartment.
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