Neff B1CCE2AN0 Built-in Oven

Instruction Manual - Page 17

For B1CCE2AN0. Also, The document are for others Neff models: B1CCE2AN0*, B1ACC2A.0

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Trouble shooting en
4. Push each panel in at the top (fig. #).
5. Put the cover back in place and press on it until you
hear it click into place (fig. $).
6. Open the appliance door again fully.
7. Close the two locking levers on the left and right
(fig. %).
8. Close the appliance door.
Do not use the cooking compartment again until the
panels have been correctly fitted.
3Trouble shooting
Tr oubl e shoot i ng
If a fault occurs, there is often a simple explanation.
Before calling the after-sales service, please refer to the
fault table and attempt to correct the fault yourself.
Rectifying faults yourself
You can often easily rectify technical faults with the
appliance yourself.
If a dish does not turn out exactly as you wanted, you
can find useful cooking tips and instructions at the end
of this instruction manual. ~ "Tested for you in our
cooking studio" on page 19
:Warning – Risk of injury!
Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Do not attempt to
repair the appliance yourself. Repairs must only be
carried out by one of our trained after-sales engineers. If
the appliance is defective, call the after-sales service.
:Warning – Risk of electric shock!
Incorrect repairs are dangerous. Repairs may only be
carried out and damaged power cables replaced by
one of our trained after-sales technicians. If the
appliance is defective, unplug the appliance from the
mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box.
Contact the after-sales service.
Error messages on the display
If an error message with "" appears on the display,
e.g. “‹†-„ƒ, touch the v button. This will reset the
error message. Reset the time, if necessary.
If the fault was a one-off, you can continue to use your
appliance as normal. If the error message appears
again, call our after-sales service and quote the exact
error message and the E no. of your appliance.
~ "Customer service" on page 18
Fault Possible
The appliance is
not working.
Defective cir-
cuit breaker.
Check the circuit breaker in the
fuse box.
Power failure Check whether the kitchen light
or other kitchen appliances are
The time is flash-
ing on the display.
Power failure. Reset the time.
No settings can
be made on the
appliance. A key
symbol or
†‘”“ lights up
on the display.
The child-
proof lock is
Deactivate the childproof lock by
pressing and holding the
® button for approx. 4 seconds.
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