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Haier HWF80BW1 Questions and Answers

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#1 I am just wondering as my machine does not create any
sounds once wash has been completed? Is this normal??

Yes that’s normal, it just stops with no noises and will turn
itself off.

#2 may I ask if this washing machine has a dedicated rinse

Yes it does.

#3 It is my understanding that only the program mode
“cotton” can be utilised to wash the max 8 kg capacity
of wash load, is this right? May I ask how long the
“cotton” program wash cycle will take? Just trying to
research if this machine will fit my need to have a big
wash load capacity with fast wash cycle. Thank you
in advance!

Yes the Cotton wash is the large load wash, the time can
vary depending on spin speed and temperature. I find
with a cold wash with maximum spin it takes about 1
hour and 45 minutes. Although I only use this cycle for
sheets and Doonas, I find the the daily wash cycle suits
towels and clothes fine as long as your not overloading
the machine.

#4 Can anyone please advise which program to use if I
want to have the rinse only function? Also, is this
machine capable of pausing and adding garments while
the machine starts running?

To quickly rinse, I use the express 15 function, it only takes
15 minutes and also spins the water out. Yes you can
pause and add clothes.