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User Manual
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User Gudie Haier HWD8040BW1 Washer Dryer 

Table of contents

  • Safety and warnings
  • Installation
  • Product description
  • Control panel
  • Programmes
  • Consumption
  • Daily use
  • Care and cleaning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical data.

Preparing laundry

  • Separate white clothes from coloured ones. Wash coloured textiles first by hand to check if they fade or run. Empty pockets (keys, coins, etc.) and remove harder decorative objects (e.g. brooches).
  • Garments without hems, delicate and finely woven textile such as f ine curtains are to be put into a wash bag (hand or dry cleaning would be better).
  • Close zippers and hooks, make sure the buttons are sewn on tightly and place small items such as socks, belts, bras, etc. in a wash bag.
  • Unfold large pieces of fabric such as bed sheets, bedspreads etc. Sort out clothes according to fabric (cotton, synthetics, wool or silk) and to how dirty they are. Pay attention to the care labelling of washing labels.
  • Turn jeans and printed, decorated or color-intensive textiles inside out; If possible, wash them separately.

Cleaning the de tergent drawer

  • Clean the drawer from detergent residues regularly. Pull out the drawer until it stops (1) and press the release button (2) to remove the drawer.
  • Then flush the drawer with water until it is clean and insert the drawer back in the appliance.

Cleaning the machine

  • Unplug the machine during cleaning and maintenance.
  • Use a soft cloth with soap liquid to clean the machine case and rubber components. Do not use organic chemicals or corrosive solvents.

Cleaning the drum

  • Remove accidentally washed metal parts, such as pins, coins, etc. from the drum because they cause rust stains and damage.
  • Use a non-chloride cleaner for removing rust stains. Observe the warning hints of the cleaning agent manufacturer. Do not use any hard objects or steel wool for cleaning

Cleaning the machine

  1. If the appliance is left idle for a long period:
  2. Pull out the power plug.
  3. Unplug water supply. 
  4. Open the door to prevent formation of moisture and odours. 
  5. Empty, clean and dry the detergent drawer.
  6. Before next usage check carefully power cord, water inlet and drain hose. Make sure everything is properly installed and no leakage.



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