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Haier HWF75AW1 - 7.5 kg Front Load Washing Machine - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User manual Washing Machine for Haier HWF75AW1

Inlet Hose

  • Connect the nut on the inlet hose to the connector on the water valve.
  • Connect inlet hose to a water tap with cold, fresh water.

Drain Hose

  • Use the drain hose bracket to keep the end of the drain hose retained and prevents the of water. Don't extend the lengthof the drain hose; if an extended hose is required, please consult a serviceman or plumber.
  • The height of the drainage outlet must be 80-100 cm. Fix the drain hose to the clip at the back of the washingmachine to prevent it from dropping off.

The drain hose should not be submerged inwater and should be securely fixed and leak-free. If the drain hose is placed on the groundor if the pipe is at a height of less than 80cm, the washingmachine will con nuously drain while beingfilled (self-siphoning).

Loading the appliance

  • Open the washer door put in the laundry piece by piece. Close the door ghtly.
  • When first using the washing machine, let it run unloaded for one program to prevent the laundry from being tainted by oil or dirty water from the washing machine. Before washing you should run the machine without laundry, but with detergent, with 60°C program.
  • Do not overload the washing machine.

After washing

  • Turn o the water supply and remove the electrical plug after each wash. Open the washer door to prevent form on of moisture and odors. If the washing machine is idle for a long period, drain the water in the machine and replace the drain hose.

Cleaning the detergent drawer

  • Clean the detergent distribu on drawer regularly.
  • Pull out the dra sh it clean with water and then replace it.

Cleaning the machine

  • Unplug the machine during cleaning and maintenance. Use a so cloth dampened with soap liquid to clean the machine case and rubber components. Do not use organic chemicals or corrosive solvents.

Clean the filter

  • Clean the filter once a month:
  • Open the bottom cover.
  • Remove ter by turning counterclockwise.
  • Flush the filter clean with running water.
  • Replace ter by turning clockwise and remount the cover.

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