User Manual Haier HWF75AW2 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine

Haier HWF75AW2 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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User Manual Washing Machine Haier HWF75AW2


  • Cautions
  • Before Use
  • Functions
  • Maintenance
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Saving Tips

  • Achieve the best use of energy, water, detergent and time by using the recommended maximum load size
  • Do not exceed the detergent dosages indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Save energy time by selecting a high spin speed to reduce the water content in laundry before using a tumble dryer.
  • Choose the correct washing temperature. Modern detergents can wash with very good result already in lower temperature than 60°C. Only use higher temperature than 60°C for very dirty laundry. 

Connenting to Power Supply

Before connec ng to the power supply, check:

  • The socket is adequate for the maximum power of the washing machine (For safety, fuses in the power circuit should be rated for no less than 10A).
  • The voltage should meet the requirement
  • The power outlet should be capable of accep ngthe washing machine plug.
  • Connect the machine to an earthed socket outlet.

Care and cleaning

After washing

  • Turn off the water supply and remove the electrical plug after each wash. Open the washer door to prevent formation of moisture and odors. If the washing machine is left idle for a long period, drain the water in the machine and replace the drain hose.

Cleaning the detergent drawer

  • Clean the detergent distribu on drawer regularly.
  • Pull out the drawer, flush it clean with water and then replace it.

Cleaning the machine

  • Unplug the machine during cleaning and maintenance. Use a soft cloth dampened with soap liquid to clean the machine case and rubber components. Do not use organic chemicals or corrosive solvents.


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I got mine installed today, I wasn’t home, my wife said
there is no bottom cover, I looked the users guide, it
shows come with a bottom cover, I wondering they
forgot put it on? Or it is not necessary?
I had to wait for a response back from the factory about
your question here is their response below: Haier
manuals are generic for all market and can contain
information that does not apply here, this one of those.
The cover is not required here so not supplied with the

Machine spins down to one minute and locks How can I
get it opem
all front load washers will lock during the wash cycles and
on the spin cycle, these will remain locked until it stops
spinning, once the cycle has completely finished you wait
one minute for the door lock to release.

I couldn't find the manual for this machine wanted to know
if this machine does an actual true cold wash?
The temperature goes down to 20 degrees.

Can I place a dryer on top of this machine?
Yes you are able to place a dryer on top of this washer
please check the dryer you intend to place on top should be
of similar size or smaller I would also consider the Anti-
Vibration mat to be placed in between model number

I need the washer installed. I see there’s an installation
charge of 120, but that’s for the cabinet modifications. I
don’t need any Cabinets modified - just need it set up in
my laundry room so it’s working.
if you reside in our free delivery area this machine will be
set up for you included in the price.