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User manual of Haier HWF80BW2 (22 pages)
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Thanks for purchasing a Haier Product

Please read these in ons carefully before using this appliance. The ins ons contain important informa on which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure safe and proper installa on. use and maintenance.

Keep this manual in a convenient place so you can always refer to it for the safe and proper use of the appliance.

If you sell the appliance. give it away. or leave it behind when you move house. make sure you also pass on this manual so that the new owner can become familiar with the appliance and safety warnings.


Check the accessories and literature in accordance with this list:

1x User Manual

1x Bo om Cover

1x Drain hose bracket

5x Blanking Plugs

1x Inlet hose assembly


User Manual HWF80BW1

1x Felt

Make sure that the transport bolt is removed.

Use a separate earthed socket for the power supply.

Make sure that the plug is accessible.

Hold the plug and not the electric cable when unplugging the power supply.

Make sure that the fuses in the power circuit are rated for 15A. and rubber components from aging.

Make sure that the power card is not caught under or in the appliance and avoid damage to the power cable. firm there will be leakage. turn off the water supply and refix it. Do not use the washing

Do not…

Touch or use the appliance when barefoot or with wet or damp hands or feet.

Use flammable detergent or dry cleaning agent.

Use any flammable sprays in close vicinity to the appliance.

Remove or insert the plug in presence of flammable gas.

Allow children or infirm persons to play with the appliance or packing materials.

Install the appliance outdoors in a damp place. or in an area which may be prone to water leaks such as under or near a sink unit. In the event of a water leak allow the machine to dry naturally.

Place the washing machine directly on a carpet. or close to a wall or furniture.

During daily use of the appliance

This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical. sensory

Pull up zips and fix loose threads to prevent the items from being entangled. If necessary. put small items into a small bag or net.

Let the power cord be replaced by the manufacturer. his service agent or other accordingly qualified people. in case it is damaged.

Do not…

Touch the was h er door dur i ng the washing p r oc e ss. i t gets h o t.

Place heavy objects or sources of heat or damp on top of the appliance.

Hot wash from rubber or sponge-like materials

Force the w asher d o o r t o open. th e d oo r ed with a sel f -l o ck d e vi c e and wil l open shor t l y

Open the washer door if the water level is visibly over the porthole.

Cover the washing machine with c cover so that the washing machine can dry out when not in use

Saving Tips

Achieve the best use of energy. water. detergent e by using the recommended maximum load size

Do not exceed the detergent dosages indicated in the manufacturer’s instruc ns.

Use “Prewash” for heavily soiled laundry only. Save detergent me. water and energy consump by not s ng “Prewash” for slightly to normally dirty laundry.

Save me by n speed to reduce the water content in laundry yr d elb t a g nis u e

Choose the correct washing temperature.

Modern detergents can wash with very good result already in lower temperature than 60°C. Only use higher temperature than 60°C for very dirty laundry.

Before Use

Descrip on

This diagram may be slightly nt from the layout of the washing machine you have just purchased.

Preparing the machine

Remove all the packing materials to prevent unsteadiness. including the polystyrene base. Upon opening the package. water drops may be seen on the pla bag and the porthole. This is normal phenomenon resul ng from water tests in the factory.

Before Use

T1 T2

T3 S1

S2 S4

Drain hose

Water inlet valve

Power cord

Back cover screws

Back cover

Control panel


Door handle

Work top

Washer door

Filter cover

In on

Dismantle the transport on bolts

The transpo on bolts are designed for clamping an vib on components inside of the washing machine during the transpo on process.

Remove the back cover.

Remove the four bolts on the rear side and take out

Replace the back cover.

Fill the holes le by the bolts with blanking plugs.


When you replace the back cover. the convex must face to outside. and you have to insert the back cover from the two gaps as shown in fig.5.

Keep the transporta on bo stabilizers in a safe place for later use.

Before Use

2.Put down the machine backwards. Remove the four screws (figure 2.)

They are used for

There are adjustable feet under the bo om of the washing machine. Before use. they should be adjusted so that the machine is level. This will minimize vibr ons and thus noise during use. It will also reduce wear and tear. We recommend to use a spirit level for adjustment.Floor should be as stable and flat as possible.

1. Loose the lock nut (1) by using a wrench.

2. Adjust the high by turning the foot (2).

3. Tighten the lock nut (1) against the housing.

Adjus ng the feet and locking nut

Inlet Hose

Connect the nut on the inlet hose to the connector on the water valve.

Connect inlet hose to a water tap with cold. fresh water.

Use the hose-set supplied with the appliance.

Old hose-sets should not be reused.

Drain Hose

Use the drain hose bracket to keep the end of the drain hose retained and prevents the of water. Don't extend the length of the drain hose; if an extended hose is required. please consult a serviceman or plumber.

The height of the drainage outlet must be 80-100 cm. Fix the drain hose to the clip at the back of the washing machine to prevent it from dropping off.

The drain hose should not be submerged in water and should be securely fixed and leak-free.

If the drain hose is placed on the ground or if the pipe is at a height of less than 80cm. the washing machine will con nuously drain while being filled (self-siphoning).

Conne ng to Power Supply

Before connec ng to the power supply. check:

The socket is adequate for the maximum power of the washing machine (For safety. fuses in the power circuit should be rated for no less than 15A).

The voltage should meet the requirement The power outlet should be capable of accep ng the washing machine plug.

Connect the machine to an earthed socket outlet.

Program Dial

Wash Temp

Spin Speed

Extra Rinse

10. LED Display


Oper onal Func ons

Nº Func on Explica on


Program Dial

Wash Temp

Spin Speed

Open the drawer. three compartments can be seen: Compartment 1: Prewash detergent Compartment 2: Detergent for programs 1 to 15.

By turning the knob clockwise/counterclockwise. the required program can

Di erent water temperatures and spinning speeds can be set for

Control Panel

BLDC 8kg

Speed Up

Extra Rinse


When the washing machine is connected to the power socket and a

1-15 are used.

To cancel audible alarm Alarm sound can be cancelled if it is required (not recommended) Switch on the washing machine and turn the program knob to spin cycle. then press the

LED Display


Speed Up



Washing Methods

Power Supply

Connect the washing machine to the power supply (220V to 240V~/50Hz).

Turn on the tap. The water must be clean and clear.

Before use. check for leaks in the joints between the tap and the inlet hose by turning on the tap.

Preparing the Laundry

Sort out clothes according to fabric (c how dirty they are.

Separate white clothes from colored ones. Wash them rst by hand to check if they fade or run.

Empty pockets (keys. coins. etc.) and (e.g. brooches).

Close zippers and hooks. make sure place small items such as socks. belts. bras. etc. in the wash bag.

Unfold large pieces of fabric such as bedsheets. bedspreads. etc.

Turn shirts inside out.

Sele ng Detergent

The wa cy and the performance is determined by the quality of detergent used. Special non-foaming detergent produces good washing results. Use spe etergents for synthe and woollen goods. Do not use dry cleaning agents such as trichloroethylene and similar products.

Do not add more detergent than needed; otherwise. it may cause the situa ons as following and washing machine malfun on imp g washing machine’s life.

Due to the increasing foam. the rinse me will be longer than normal; The foam may from the detergent drawer because of the increasing pressure of the foam; It may remain foam without cleaning out er th al spinning cycle.

Recommend on:

Clean the detergent drawer once a week.

Please follow the dosage recommend on on the powder or liquid detergent package.

Adding Detergent

Slide out the detergent drawer and put the required detergent and so ening agent into the corresponding compartments. Push back the drawer gently. (Refer to the instruc ons on the drawer)

For prewashing program. detergent should be added to both compartments 1 and 2.

For other programs. do not add detergent to compartment 1.

Use liquid detergent according to the instru ons on its package. Do not use liquid detergent if the prewash mode or "Delay" is selected.

Do not overuse so ener; otherwise. it will damage the ar

Loading the appliance

Open the washer door put in the laundry piece by piece. Close the door ghtly.

Do not overload the washing machine.Note the different maximum

Keep six inches between load and drum top.Close the door carefully.

Make sure that no pieces of laundry are pinched.

Sele ng program

To get the best washing results. an appropriate washing program should be selected according to the laundry type. Please turn the program knob to select the right program.

Sele ng fun on

Select the required op ons. (Refer to the "Control panel" pages 8. and 10)

Se ng washing temperature

Press and hold down the temperature bu on un he desired temperature is selected.

Se ng spin speed

Press and hold down the speed bu on un e desired speed is selected. See " onal fun ons" on the "Control panel" pages (08 and 09) for selec ng temperature and spin speed. It is advisable to select the recommended value.


Press the Start/Pause bu on. The washing machine will operate according to the preset programs.

The washing machine will stop op on autom ly when a washing cycle ends. The "End" sign will appear on the display. Open the washer door and take out the laundry.

A er washing

Turn o the water supply and unplug the power cord. Open the washer door to prevent forma on of moisture and odors. Leave the door open while not used.

8kg BLDC

Care Chart

Load Reference

M aterial M ade of Load in grams

Bed Sheet Approximately 800

Blended fabric clothes Approximately 800

Jeans Approximately 800

Ladies Pyjamas Approximately 200

Underwear Blended fabrics Approximately 70

Wool M ark

Dry cleaning with any solvent

Dry cleaning with pericloride

Don't dry clean

Dry on clothes hanger

Tumble dry. Medium heat

Tumble dry. low heat

Don't tumble dry

Machine Wash.


Machine Wash.

WARM Machine Wash.


Hand Wash

Do Not Wash

Machine Wash. OLD Gentle Cycle

Machine Wash. ARM Gentle Cycle

Machine Wash. OT Gentle Cycle

Machine Wash. OLD Permanent Press Machine Wash. ARM Permanent Press

Machine Wash. OT Permanent Press

Bleach as needed Any bleach. like Clorox . may be safely used

Do Not Bleach No bleach product should be used including detergents with bleach - or follow bleach package test procedures to test for bleach safety.

Non-chlorine Bleach as needed Use only a color-safe bleach. like Clorox 2

Tumble Dry. O HEAT

Tumble Dry. OW HEAT

Tumble Dry. EDIUM

Tumble Dry. IGH

Tumble Dry. ermanent Press. NO HEAT

Tumble Dry. Permanent Press. OW HEAT

Tumble Dry. ermanent Press. M EDIUM

Tumble Dry. entle Cycle.


Line Dry

Do Not Tumble Dry

Drip Dry

Dry Flat

Tumble Dry. Gentle Cycle.


Tumble Dry. entle Cycle.


Iron. Steam or Dry. with LOW HEAT

Do Not Iron with Steam Do Not Iron

Iron. Steam or Dry. with M EDIUM HEAT Iron. Steam or Dry. with HIGH HEAT

Cleaning and Care


A er washing

Turn o the water supply and remove the electrical plug

Cleaning the machine Unplug the machine during cleaning and maintenance. Use a so cloth dampened with soap liquid to clean the machine case and rubber components. Do not use organic chemicals or corrosive solvents.

Clean the lter once a month:

Place a container under th ter. to collect any excess water that may come out of the drain pump

Take always care there are no detergent residues.

Clean the drawer regularly :

2. Press

In case of power failure

When power

2. Open service flap. You can either use a coin or a screwdriver(Fig.2) .

3. Provide a flat container to catch leach water(Fig.3).

There could be bigger amounts!

4. Pull the drainhose out and hold its end above the container (Fig.3).

5. Take the sealing plug out of the drainhose (Fig.3).

Refix it thoroughly((Fig.8).

Clean carefully pump filter. e.g. using running water((Fig.7).

Turn off and unplug the machine(Fig.1).

Water inlet valve and inlet valve

To prevent blockage to the water supply by ingress of foreign substances. clean the water inlet valve and inlet valve regularly.

Moving the machine

Remove the back cover.

Remove the blanking plugs.

Tighten the bolts with a spanner.

Replace the back cover.

Long periods of disuse

Display Codes


Codes Causes

Door is not properly shut.

Shut the door properly. and then press the

F3 Temperature sensor not properly connected or damaged.

Contact the maintenance personnel.

F4 Heater error (Appears at the end of a cycle).

Contact the maintenance personnel.

E4 Water level not met in 8 minutes .

The height of the drain hose is below 80 cm.

The drain hose is in water.

Make sure that tap is turned on. and water pressure is normal.

6 minutes.

Clean the filter and check the drain hose

During the spin process. if too much foam is inspected. in order to protect the motor. the


Water level sensor error.

Contact the maintenance personnel.

Washing machine has an unbalanced load



End of wash cycle.

1.In case washing 1 piece of laundry(carpet.

6.Select a lower spin speed. and if OK then select Spin program and a higher spin speed.





It show reveal bring “lock”.


Problem Causes Solu ons

Trouble-Shoo ng

Power failure.

The washer door is not properly closed.

Machine has not been switched on.

Check the power supply.

Close the washer door properly.

Make sure the machine is switched on.

Water tap is not turned on.

Water pressure is less than 0. 3 MPa.

The inlet hose is kinked.

Water supply failure.

The program knob is not properly set.

The washer door is not properly closed.

Turn on the water tap.

Check water pressure.

Check the inlet hose.

Ensure the water supply.

Set the program knob properly.

Close the washer door properly.

The height of the drain hose is below 80 cm.

The drain hose is in water.

Drain hose is blocked.

Drain hose end is higher than 100 cm above vel.

Water or electricity failure.

Install drain hose within 80-100 cm of height.

Make sure the drain hose is not in water.

Unblock the drain hose.

Make sure the drain hose end is lower than 100 cm abov vel.

Make sure the washing machine is on an even surface and levelled.

Reduce amount of laundry in the drum.

Check the power supply or water supply.

Washing machine gives an error message.

Washing machine is in soaking cycle?

The detergent is not a low-foaming type or for manual wash.

Excessive use of detergent.

Unbalance of the laundry

Check display codes.

Check if your detergent is appropriate.

Reduce amount of detergent in the

This is normal and doesn't a ect the

Add clothes or run a spinning program again.

Washing machine fails to operate.

Washing machine c with water.

Machine is draining while being

Drainage failure.

Excessive foam in the drum. which is

Spinning fails


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