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User care Haier HWF85DW1 Washer

Table of contents

  • Safety
  • Product description
  • Control panel
  • Programmes
  • Consumption
  • Daily use
  • Care and cleaning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation
  • Technical data

Removing the transportation bolts

The transportation bolts are designed for clamping anti- vibration components inside the appliance during transpor- tation.

  1. Remove the back cover.
  2. Remove bolts on the rear side and take out plastic spacers from the inner side of the machine. General information and tips: Keep the transportation bolts in a safe place for later use.
  3. If the machine is to be moved to another location, replace transportation bolts to prevent damage.
  4. Replace back cover by inserting it in the two gaps,its convexity is facing outside.
  5. Fill the transportation bolt holes with blanking plugs.


Install the machine on a solid and level floor surface ensuring it e has at least 20 mm clearance on ach side. The washer must not be installed on any textured floor coverings (eg carpet, rugs).

Adjusting the feet

Adjust all feets to achieve a complete level position.This will minimize vibrations and thus noise during use. It will also reduce wear and tear.We recommend to use a spirit level for adjustment. Floor should be as stable and flat as possible.

Preparing laundry

Sort out clothes according to fabric (cotton,synthetics, wool or silk) and to how dirty they are.

Separate white clothes from coloured ones.Wash coloured textiles first by hand to check if they fade or run.

Garments without hems, delicates and finely woven textile such as fine curtains are to be put into a wash bag (hand or dry cleaning would be better). Close zippers and hooks, make sure the buttons are sewn on tightly and place small items such as socks, belts, bras, etc. in a wash bag.

Unfold large pieces of fabric such as bed sheets, bedspreads etc.Turn clothes inside out. Empty pockets (keys, coins, etc.) and remove harder decorative objects (e.g. brooches).

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