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User manual Washer

Product Overview

Description of symbols

Contents marked with this symbol are related to the safe use of the product and the personal safety of the user, Please operate m accordance to the contents of this manual, to avoid harm to the user or damage to the machine Itself.
Contents marked with this symbol md»cate operations or actions that should not be undertaken by the user Performing of such actions may result in injury to the user or damage to machine itself, and void warranty.


Please check power socket condition to ensure it has been earthed correctly prior to installation to ensure your safety

Installation & Adjustment

Please Install and adjust the machine according to the directions contained in this manual. It is very important to follow these directions for the safe operation of the machine, and to ensure your machine operates correctly.

Install the lint filter

After removing washer from outer packaging, take out the lint filter from the document bag. install it to the inner tub See the figure opposite

  • Please ensure the lint filter is installed correcUy and maintained m good condition to ensure the water outlet is not blocked or the flow altered. If the lint filter is lost or damaged, contact Customer Care.

Install the bottom plate

The purpose of the bottom plate is to suppress noise from the washing machine during operation.


1. Lay the washer on Its back, on a non-abrasive surface.

2. Place the plate on to the bottom of the machine.

3 Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws ( in accessory bag) securing the panel to bottom of the washer.

4. Once all screws are tight and the panel is secure, return the washer to its standing position.

Balance washing machine

Do not install this machine on an incline greater than 2 Installing machine on an angle or on rough ground will result m unstable running or stoppage of the machine. Please adjust it by the following method.

1. Confirm it is level

2. Lift up the side of the machine slightly and twist the adjustable leg

Note The distance between the washing machine and wall should be at least 20mm

Installation of drainage hose

Install drainage hose

  • First connect the drainage hose to the connection point on the lower back side of the cabinet, and fasten with drain hose hoop (provided).
  • Connect drain hose guide on to the outside of drainage hose. To guide the drain hose over the tub or standpipe the hose guide MUST be fitted to the drain hose.

Placement of Drainage Hose

  • The height of the standpipe or tub should be between 850 - 1200 mm. To avoid syphoning, the drain hose should not extend more than 20 mm from the end of the guide.
  • Ensure drainage hose is held in place to avoid leaks or spills.

Installation of water inlet hoses

The new hose-sets supplied with the appliance are to be used and that old hose-sets should not be reused.

  1. Insert a new flat washer into each end of the inlet hose.
  2. Connect the water inlet hose to the water faucet. You may have to use pliers to tighten the coupling. Do not over tighten as this may cause damage to the valve or hose fittings.
  3. Connect the other ends to their respective cold and hot water inlet valves located on the top of the washer.

Fasten each hose on the washing machine and ensure a tight connection.

Check the inlet hose connections

  1. Swing the hose gently to confirm that the hose is securely fastened.
  2. After installation, open the tap to check for leaks.
  3. Do not bend the hose unduly.
  4. Periodically check the hose connections are firm at both ends. This is to ensure the connections remain watertight over time.

Removing the water inlet hoses

  1. Turn off the water taps.
  2. Loosen each connection at faucet and washer.
  3. Carefully remove each hose separately, as they may contain residual water.

Loading your laundry

  • The rated washing capacity refers to the largest dry weight of a load that can be washed.
  • The thickness, size and type of clothes will influence the actual capacity.
  • Do not select more than water Level "4" for clothes less than 1.0kg, to avoid splashing of water.
  • It is recommended that Low suds/ high efficiency washing powder is used.

Detergent Usage Guide

Adding washing powder

How to use bleach/whitener

  • Always refer to the bleach/ whitener instructions prior to usage
  • Fill water to desired level.
  • Dilute the bleach/whitener in a container. Pour it slowly into the washing tub.
  • Avoid using whitener on laundry with colour or patterns as they are prone lose colour.
  • The bleach/whitener should NOT be directly applied to laundry directly.

Adding washing powder

  • It is suggested to dissolve detergent before adding to the tub, see as below:
    1. Prepare warm water (<35°C) in a container.
    2. Add washing powder, stirring to dissolve it completely.
  • Adding washing powder Fuzzy Logic Programs Add washing powder/liquid into the detergent box directly for "Fuzzy logic" programs and "Delay" program.
  • Adding washing powder Normal Wash
    It is recommended that washing powder/liquid is dissolved with water and then directly emptied into the washing machine:
    1. Add some water (select the "1" water level)
    2. Add washing powder/liquid. Run for about 30 seconds to fully dissolve the detergent. Then push the "Start/Pause" button to pause the wash cycle.
    3. Load laundry. Select suitable water level. Push the "Start/Pause" button again to recommence washing cycle
  • If you select "Quick"program, it is recommended to use liquid detergent instead of washing powder to ensure the most effective wash results.
  • Old or poor quality washing powder may causing caking in tub or detergent dispenser.
  • Clean the detergent box periodically to ensure washing power is evenly distributed and remove any detergent build up.

Note: If a manufacture specifies only the use of a low-sudsing or high-efficiency type detergent, then detergent for drum type machines shall be used irrespective of the type of machine under test.

Otherwise the detergent type to be used shall be chosen according to the type of clothes washing machine under test, as follows.

Close the lid

If you open the lid during spin cycle the machine will stop and an audible alarm will sound.

Operation & Wash Cycles

Indicator display


On: Indicates the program is about to run and indicates the selected cycle and options

Flashing: Indicates the program is running and indicates the selected cycle and options

Remaining time display H

  • Displays "-" during Fuzzy Logic detection cycle until level is determined
  • Displays total time remaining during current, in progress wash cycle
  • Displays remaining time when the "Delay" program is used (hours)
  • Displays error codes (see page 15)

A “Cycle" button




Recommended for mixed fabrics and general clotting items


Items that are soiled or items that are heavy/big


Delicate items that are machine washable


Lightly soiled or small laundry loads less then 1.5kg


This cycle setting remembers the last wash, nnse and spin settings


Washing Synthetic laundries


Machine washable woollen items

Drum Dry

Dries the inner and outer tub to avoid the growth of mildew

B "Spin Time" "Rinse "buttons

  • You may change the Rinse and Spin times when Memory, Heavy, Normal and Synthetic cycles are selected.
  • When the Wool cycle has been selected you cannot change the Wash, Rinse and Spin times.
  • You cannot change the Wash, Rinse and Spin times when Tub dry and Quick cycles are selected.

C "Progress" buttons

  • You may change the Progress when Memory, Heavy, Normal and Synthetic cycles are selected.
  • When the Wool cycle has been selected you cannot change the Progress.
  • You cannot change the Progress when Tub dry and Quick cycles are selected.

D "Delay" button

  • The display shows the time remaining (in minutes) before the cycle will finish.
  • Push the "Delay" button and the display will show the remaining time for the cycle to finish (in hours). The indicator flashes to indicate that the delay function is operating.
  • Delay start can be set for 2-24hr operation.

NOTE: The delay time is until the selected wash program finishes (you will need to deduct wash time from this delay time to calculate when the wash will start).

E "Water Level" button

  • During the Memory and Synthetic programs the washing machine will detect the size of the laundry and automatically select the water level between levels Mid,High or Max.
  • To change the water level, press the Start/Pause button and make your selection by pressing the "Water Level" button until desired level is shown.
  • If there is water inside the tub and the machine cannot detect the laundry load, it will display water level "Mid". If wet laundry is put in the machine, it will display level "Mid", you can then manually adjust to the desired water level.
  • If Quick program is selected it will display water level "Mid" you can then manually. adjust to the desired water level.
  • If Tub Dry program is selected the water level cannot be manually overridden.
  • During operation of the wash, or rinse program, you can adjust the water level by pressing the Water Level button.
  • The water level may vary due to the different moisture level of the laundry items.

F "Temp" button

  • Press the "Temp" button to select your wash temperature.
  • During "Quick" cycle, the water temperature is preset. Temp button does not work.
  • During wool cycle, the "hot/cold" water temperature cannot be chosen.

G "START/PAUSE" button

After the power is switched on press the "Start/Pause" button to start the machine.

  • During operation, push the Start/Pause button to pause the machine.
  • Push the Start/Pause button again to restart the machine.

H "POWER" button

  • To turn on/of the power, press the power button.
  • If the start pause button is not pushed within 5 minutes, the washing machine will automatically switch off the power.

Button Operation and Descriptions

  1. Press the button to switch power on/off
  2. Rotary program knob to select automatic program

When the power is switched on "Normal" cycle is automatically set. To select a different automatic cycle,rotary program knob till the corresponding indicator is on. Refer to the section on the "cycle" button above.

E.g choose "Quick" cycle for a small load of lightly soiled laundry. When the "ECO"or"Soak Wash or Memory cycles are selected, the Fuzzy Logic program is run .The washing cycle is automatically set while the water level and wash time can be selected according to the texture and size of the load.

3. Press the buttons to customise the pre-set options

  • Separate colour fast clothes before loading washing machine.
  • During Rinse cycle, only SPIN times can be set, all other wash functions are locked.
  • During Wool and Tub Dry cycles, these settings cannot be changed and buttons will not function, as machine will only follow pre-programmed settings,

4. Press the button to change the water level

  • For the "ECO" and "Memory" and "Sock Wash" cycles the machine will run a Fuzzy Logic program that automatically detects the type of laundry in the tub. After detection it will set the water level automatically.
  • The water level can only be changed once the machine has started by pushing the "Start/Pause" button, then push the "Water Level" button to reset the water level. Press the "Start/Pause" button to resume the wash cycle.

5. Press thebutton to select the the wash and rinse temperature

Set the wash temperatures in accordance to the requirements of each load. (i.e.if "Warm/Cold" is selected, the wash cycle will be warm/cold, the rinse cycle will be cold/cold)

The suitable temperature between 35-65°C

6. Press the button to select the delay wash program

The delay time program is automatically off, and wash cycles will start as soon as "Start/Pause" button is pushed.

Confirm the operation of "Delay" program

  • To set a delay time, first select the Cycle and options required and push the "Delay" button.
  • The cycle indicator lights will go off and the "Delay (Hours) indicator light will be on.
  • During the delay program, press the "Delay" button to display the time remaining. The delay time indicator shows the time remaining till the wash ends.
  • To cancel the delay program, switch the power off and back on, then make a new selection.
  • Delay start (2-24hr) option.
  • Delay time is to the end of washing cycle.

7 Press the button to start the cycle

  • If the top lid is opened while machine is in SPIN cycle, the machine will stop and an audible alarm will sound.
  • The energy test program was performed using the "Normal" cycle setting of:
    Progress: Soak, Wash, Rinse, Spin
    Rinse:1 Rinse
    Spin:9 mins
    Water level:Max
  • Please use low suds/high efficiency detergent.


This washer has a 2-stop water fill to achieve the required water level and temperature for the best cleaning result.

First Fill - Once options and cycle are selected and the START/PAUSE BUTTON is pressed, both hot and cold water will flow into the inner tub. The warm water temperature helps to dissolve detergent quickly. The first fill is followed by a 5-minute (approximately) soak-agitation session to help the detergont mix completely with the laundry.

NOTE: if Cold wash temp is selected, hot water is not used.

Second Fill - The second fill starts when the washer begins to agitate and continues until the selected water level is reached. Cold water only is used regardless of wash temp selection.

Child lock function

• The function is in tended for children safety and preventing the washing program from accidental changes by children.

• Set the desired washing program after setting press the Start* 1 2 3 * Pause Button and washing machine begin to run Then hold tie water level Button and spin Bolton at the same time for more than 3 seconds, you will hear three beep sound. digital tub display 'CL' and the child lock will activate. All of the Bottons are locked, and will no function

• Release the child lock function:

Press the water level button and spin Bolton at the same bme for more than 3 seconds After three beep sound.lhe child lock function is released.

Note: If you open the lid when the eftid lock activate. digital tube display ‘E2', and beep .you need close the lid and press the Start/Pause to cancel.or washing machine will drain 10 seconds and power off .after 10 minutes.

Cycle completed

When the machine has completed the selected/current wash cycle an audible alarm will sound and the machine will switch off automatically.


  • Remove the power plug before carrying out arty cleaning or maintenance
  • Clean the lint filter(s) and detergent box after each wash.

Remove and clean the detergent box, replace after cleaning.

  • The lint filter must be used during washing.
  • It must ne cleaned after each use Lint filter:
    1. Slide upwards to remove.
    2. Gently push it down to install; ensuring it is in place before next wash.

The filter at the water inlet valve may become blocked by impurities in the water supply. Clean it with a plastic bristled brush every two months.

If the cabinet is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth.

• Do not wash directly with water.

• Wipe with a neutral detergent (please check directions on detergent bottle first).

•Do not wipe machine with thinners, petrol alcohol or other harsh solvents.

1. After washing cycle has wished, turn off the water faucet. (If needed, you can remove the water inlet hose)

2. Do not store water in the ’washing machine for a long period without completing a wash cycle. Drain the water completely after each wash.

3. Hang up the power cord and drain hose

4. wipe up any drops of water on the surface of the machine and inside the tub Leave the lid open for about 1 hour after each wash to evaporate any residual water.


If there is a fault or the machine does not operate correctly, remove the power plug before checking the machine Using diagnostic list below, please check if the machine requires repair. If a repair is required, please contact our Customer Care Team, do not try to fix it yourself.


Possible causes

What to do

The machine does not drain or drains slowly The display shows E1.

• Is the drain hose blocked?

• Remove the blockage. Open and dose the top lid once.

The machine stops runing. The display shows E2.

• The top id is not closed.

• Close the top lid

The machine does not spin. The display shows


• Has the laundry been place unevenly in the machine?

• Is the machine lever?

• Redistribute the load evenly Close the top lid

• Level the machine. The machine w* start 10 seconds after being leveled correctly.

The display shows E4.

• Is the water tap closed or has the water supply been interrupted?

• Is the water met valve


• Is the water pressure too low?

• Open the water tap Push the Start/Pause button once.

• Clean the water inlet vah-e then push the Start Pa use

button once.

• Use after the water pressure is normal

The display shows FA

• The water level sensor has failed.

• Please contact Customer


The machine does not work.

Will not wash

• Is there a power farture?

• Is the power plug inserted llgirty?

• has the water level reached preset posibon?

• Wart for the power supply to be restored

• Insert the power plug


• Wart for water to fill to the preset level.

Will not


• Is the power plug inserted lightly?

• Is the top Id dosed?

• Is the laundry distributed unevenly in the machine?

• Insert the power plug tightly.

• Close the top lid.

• Redistribute the laundry

There are abnormal sounds mside the machine.

• Is the machine level?

• Has the laundry been placed unevenly in the macftne?

• Are there any foreign objects side the bowl?

• Redistribute the load evenly. Close the top lid.

• Level the machine.

• Remove the foreign object.

The water lap leaks,

• Is the water inlet hose loose?

• Fasten the inlet hose.

Common occurrences



• The spinning is intermittent after it start.• Redistribute the load evenly it starts. Close the top fed.
• Select spm program but it does not work.• The program is setting the dram time, there will De a pause before the spin program starts.
• There maybe water in the drain hose when first used• It maybe residual water after performance inspection by the factory.

Packing list



Storage Location

• Automatic washing machine• One

•Bottom plate

•One• Placed in the upper foam piece inside the washing machine packaging
• User manual• One• Inside the document hag
• Warranty card• One• Inside the document bag

• Tapping screws

• One• Inside Accessory bag

•Components of the water inlet hose

• Two• Inside Accessory bag
• Drain hose• One• Inside Accessory bag
• Drain hose Clamp• One• Inside Accessory bag
• Dram hose hoop• One• On The Drain hose

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#1 Is it brand new?
Yes, all of our appliances are brand new direct from the

#2 I am first time using this top loader I have set the washing cycle
and when I pressed the button to start it hasn't filled with water
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All our appliances are covered with a 2 year parts and labour
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#3 How to reset the e3 code
E3: The washtub is not spinning. This is due to the washer not
being leveledproperly or an overloaded tub. Adjust the leveling legs
to balance the washer.Remove some clothing and rearrange the
clothes inside the tub. The machinewill start within 10 seconds
after being rebalanced