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User Manual Twin-tub Washing Machine

Parts and features

Preparation before washing

Positioning your washer

  1. Connect the water inlet hose.
  2. Select a suitable location for the washer on a hard, even surface away from direct sunlight or heat sources, e.g radiators, cooking appliances etc.
  3. The washer must not be placed in an area where the temperature is below freezing point.
  4. Any floor unevenness may result in unstable working or abnormal noise. Please ensure the machine is level.

Check the following before washing

Check if the laundry has any special washing instructions.

Clear the pockets.

Take out loose items such as coins, sand, hairpins etc.

Tie any long strips, fasten buttons and close zippers.

The weight of the laundry shall not exceed the rated capacity. Loosen the laundry before placing it evenly in the tub.

When the machine is running buttons may cause noise. To reduce the noise turn clothes inside out or place them in a laundry bag.

a. Check if the laundry is suitable for machine washing.

b. Divide the laundry into colour fast and non-colour fast items.

c. Place items that do not absorb water easily into the water by hand.

d. For heavily soiled items, please first remove loose dirt, then apply detergent directly to the stain before washing.

e. For those items that may get lint or are furry or fluffy, please turn them inside out before washing

f . Do not put laundry polluted by chemicals into the washing machine.


  • The rated washing/spinning capacity refers to the largest dry weight of a load that can be washed/spun.
  • The thickness, size and type of clothes will influence the actual capacity. Be careful to only load a reasonable amount of laundry.
  • Do not select "Maximum" water level for clothes less than 2.4kg, to avoid splashing of water.
  • It is suggested not to use high sudsing detergent. Choose a low suds or high efficiency detergent.

Usage of the detergent

How to use whitener

  • Fill water to desired level. Dilute the whitener in a container. Pour it slowly into the washing tub.
  • Avoid using whitener on laundry with color or pattern as they are prone to lose color.
  • The whitener shall not touch the laundry directly.
  • Refer to the whitener instructions for the usage and quantity.
  • For powder whitener, please dissolve it before using.

Adding the washing powder

Dissolve in the machine:

  1. Fill small quantity of water.
  2. Add the powder. Run for 30 seconds to dissolve it completely.
  3. Put in the laundry. Select a suitable water level.

Instant dissolving of the washing powder:

  1. 1.Prepare warm water of 30 C in a container.
  2. 2.Add the powder while stirring to fully dissolve it.

Powder is more likely to contaminate the laundry with residue than a liquid detergent. Therefore please use the correct quantity.

Please refer to the washing powder instructions for the correct use and dosage.

Washing sequence


  1. Water-filling selector Set the water inlet selector to the "WASH" side. (Figure 1)
  2. Fill with water to the set level and add the dissolved washing powder. (Figure 2)
  3. Place the clothes into the water.
  4. Select the wash mode, either "delicate" or "normal". (Figure 3)
  5. Select the washing time Select the washing time according to the load size and how dirty the clothes are. (Figure 4)

    See other models: HWT12MW1 HWX8040DW1 HW80-BD1626 HW100-14829 HW100-14636
    Note: For a full load on the normal cycle first wash for 3 minutes, the clothes will absorb the water. At the end of 3 minutes add extra water up to the maximum water level mark. Then wash for a further 15 minutes using the wash timer.
  6. After washing, set the "WASH SELECTOR" at "DRAIN". (Figure 5).

Energy test program: 18 min Normal Warm Wash (35'C), 9 min Rinse, 5 min spin (1/2 load).

Add the clothes load. Fill the wash tub to the maximum water level. Water at 35'C.

While it is filling (half) add the detergent/PBIS mixed with 1 litre of Min.35'C water.

Wash on "normal" for 3 minutes. Then fill the wash tub again to the maximum water level. Water at 35'C. Wash on "normal" for 15 minutes. Drain for 5 minutes. Divide load into two halves.

Spin each half load for 5 minutes. Place the clothes in the wash tub and then fill with cold (20'C) water to the maximum level.

Wash/rinse for 9 minutes. Drain for 5 minutes.

Divide load into two halves. Spin each half load for 5 minutes. Program end.

Detergent : drum type .

For best results , we recommend mixing detergent with warm water ,and using max anti-foam.

Additional spinning

If you want to remove more foam, you can use this function.

  1. Put the clothes into the spin tub evenly.
  2. Spin
    (1) Put the retainer in properly. Please use the retainer even if the clothes quantity is small.

    (2) Close the inner and outer cover of the spin tub.

    (3) Spin for 1-2 minutes.
  3. To remove foam during spinning.
    (1) Open the outer cover of the spin tub.
    (2) Set the water-filling selector control rod to the "SPIN" side. Fill water for about 1 minute.
    If the water flow is too fast, the water may flow out from the wash tub side. You may turn the water tap down to limit the flow of water.
    (3) Close the outer cover of the spin tub.
    Spin for 1-2 minutes.


  1. Put the clothes into the wash tub. Select suitable mode according to the clothes load.
  2. Adjust the water level
    Set the water level using the water level adjusting lever according to the clothes quantity. Then fill.
  3. Rinse
    Adjust the wash timer to a suitable rinse length. Use 9 minutes for a full wash. A partial wash load may only require 5-7 minutes.


  1. Put the clothes into the spin tub evenly and smoothly. Note that a full wash load will need to be split into two equal loads for spinning.
  2. Press the retainer into the tub properly. Close the inner and outer cover of the spin tub.
  3. Spin
    Set the "WASH TIMER" at "OFF" and "WASH SELECTOR" at "DRAIN" Spin a full load.
  • During spinning, spinning will stop if the outer cover of the spin tub is opened. Close the cover to continue spinning.
  • If you want to fill water during spinning to remove the foam, we recommend spinning the laundry first for about 1 minute, then add water to the spin tub. Otherwise the spinning will stop because of too much water.

Care and Cleaning

Cleaning the lint filter

  • The lint filter must be used during washing.
  • It must be cleaned after each wash.
  1. Remove the lint filter
    Put hand at the indicated position. Push down to take it off. ( See Figure 1)
  2. Clean the lint filter
    Put it in water and clean while it is still wet. (See Figure 2)
  3. Install the lint filter
    After cleaning, insert the bottom of the lint filter ( marked with "down side") into the overflow filter , then push the upper part of the filter in ( marked with " up side "). (See Figure 3)

Cleaning the overflow filter

  • Too much lint on the overflow filter will influence the normal usage of the machine. Please clean it every two months.
  1. Take off the overflow filter.
    As indicated in the figure, squeeze the elastic fixing claw and pull it in the direction of the arrow. (See to Figure 1)
  2. Remove the corrugated pipe.
    Dismantle the upper part of the corrugated pipe inside the overflow filter ( as indicated in Figure 2).
  3. Cleaning the overflow filter Clean the lint around the filter and flush with tap water.
  4. Install the overflow filter.
    (1) Install the corrugated pipe.
    (2) Insert the mounting plate at the bottom of the filter into the valve cover.
    (3) Hang up the hook at the left upper side.
    (4) Push the upper part in as indicated in Figure 3.

Clean the cabinet

  • Use only a damp cloth for cleaning the control panel.
  • To avoid any kind of damage to cabinet finish, use a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent with warm water to wipe the washer cabinet as required.
  • If fabric softener, bleach or detergent is accidently spilt on the cabinet, wipe the cabinet immediately.
  • Do not use any abrasive, harsh chemicals, ammonia, chlorine bleach, concentrated detergent, solvents or metal scouring pads. Some of these chemicals may dissolve, damage and/or discolour your washer.
  • Leave the lid open after completing the wash cycle to allow the inside of the washer to dry out and prevent bad odours from forming.

Transporting or storing your washer

  • Drain any water from the inlet hoses.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the electrical supply.
  • Dry out the inner wash bowl and, if putting the machine into storage or going on holiday, leave the lid open or propped ajar to allow air to circulate.
  • If moving the washer, disconnect the drain hose.
  • Always transport or store your washer in an upright position only. The washer must be stored at room temperature.


If clothes fall to the outer side of the spin tub

  • If clothes fall to the outer side of the spin tub, please contact an authorised service agent. Do not repair it yourself.

When the remaining water is frozen

  • To prevent freezing drain after using.
  • After complete draining, set the "WASH SELECTOR" at "STRONG" or "STANDARD". If it is set at "DRAIN", it will be more difficult for the frozen water to melt.
  • When the water is frozen
    Pour warm water below 50C into the wash tub. After several minutes, turn the pulsator on gently. Please ensure the drain is working normally before using again.

(Always unplug your washer to avoid an electrical shock before checking) The following problems may not require a service call. Please confirm the fault before calling an Authorised Service Agent. Do not repair it yourself.

Operating problems

The reasons

The machine does not start.
  • Is there power failure?
  • Is the power plug loose?
  • Is the pulsator blocked?
Water will not drain
  • Is the drain hose blocked ?
  • Check the position of the drain hose, make sure that the drain hose is fitted into a tub or drain standpipe 0.8-1.2m above the floor.

There's abnormal sound during washing

  • Coins, loose change, or buttons could cause noises if caught in the wash.
There's abnormal sound and violent vibration during spinning
  • Is the machine placed on a flat floor?
  • Is the retainer in the spin tub pressed evenly?
  • Is the amount of laundry in spin tub too much?

Water left in the drain hose when first use of the machine.

  • It is the water remaining from the factory inspection of performance.

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