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The Pure Steamer is based on the principle of steam cooking, and is designed for fast, healthy
cooking in your Samsung Microwave oven.
This accessory is ideal for cooking rice, pasta, vegetables, etc. in record time, while preserving their
nutritional values.
The Microwave Pure steamer set is made up of 3 items:
Bowl Insert tray Lid
All parts withstand temperatures from -10 °C to 130 °C.
Suitable for freezer storage. Can also be used separately or together.
Do not use:
To cook foods with a high sugar or fat content.
With the grill or rotating heat function or on a hob.
Wash all parts well in soapy water before first use.
To find out cooking times, please refer to the instructions in the table on next page.
Your steamer can be washed in a dishwasher.
When washing by hand, use hot water and washing-up liquid. Do not use abrasive
Some foods (such as tomato) may discolour the plastic. This is normal and not a
manufacturing fault.
Place the frozen food in the steam bowl without the lid. The liquid will remain in the bottom
of the pot and will not harm the food.
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