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Owner's Manual Moosoo Kettles KE7201C Tea Machines

Important security guarantees

When using appliances, basic safety measures should always be taken, including the following

1. Read all instructions.

2. Do not touch the hot surface, please use the handle or handle.

3. To prevent fire, electric shock, and injury, do not immerse the power cord, plug, and base in water or other liquids.

4. Close supervision is necessary when the appliance is used close to children, please do not leave the equipment.

5. Before using or cleaning, remove the kettle from the base and wait for the equipment to cool before cleaning or reinstalling it.

6. Do not use faulty electrical appliances or power cords, plugs, etc., do not damage the electrical appliances in any way, please return the equipment to the professional and most recognized agency for inspection 

 7. If the power cord is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer or other maintenance organization, and it must not be replaced without permission.

8. Pay attention to the steam ejected from the holes on the nozzle or cover, especially when refilling.

9. If the lid is opened during heating, burns may occur.

10. The equipment must be operated on a flat surface (such as a kitchen cabinet, coffee table), not near heat sources such as gas stoves and ovens, and not placed on top of other appliances.

11. The base and appearance of the device must not get wet. Keep it dry.

12. This device is not suitable for use by persons with intellectual disabilities or children, or for persons with sensory or psychological dysfunction, or persons lacking experience and knowledge, unless supervised or instructed by the responsible supervisor.

13. Children should be supervised to ensure they are not playing with the device. 


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