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User manual Vacuum Cleaner for Moosoo MT720

Table of contents

  • Safety Regulations
  • Product Instruction
  • Parameter
  • Attention
  • Maintenance
  • Alarm Tips
  • Customer Service
  • WiFi Connection



Please refer to the following guidelines to check the cleaning area before the cleaner works.

  • Power lines and other debris scattered on the ground may trip up product must be removed.
  • Please roll the carpet tassels or work on short-hair rugs.
  • A gap of less than 8 cm on the bottom of the furniture may catch the product. If you need to clean it, please remove the furniture.
  • A guardrail should be placed at the edge of the duplex to ensure safe operation of the product.

Install The Side Brushes

  • Please install the right brush into the right bottom mounting port of the machine, the left brush into the left bottom mounting port of the machine, and ensure that the two side brushes are in place.

Charging Operation

  • Connect the adapter to the charging stand. Place the charging stand flat against the wall. Do not place objects in the left and right 1M and the front 2M, and do not have objects with strong reflection surfaces such as mirrors.
  • Turn On The Master. Please press the start/pause key to turn on the master. It is recommended to keep the master in the charging stand after each time use instead of shutting it down instantly to make sure it can perform well next time.
  • Master Charge. Place the master in the charging stand and pay attention to the charging pole piece. Turn on the power switch, the robot will enter standby mode.

Roller Brush Assembly and Cleaning

  • Remove the roller brush brush cover plate, remove the roller brush, cut off the hair wound on it and then use the cleaning brush to clean it.
  • Set roller brush assembly: take out sucking assembly first, set the roller brush, cover the board and press it to lock.

Dust Box and Filter

When cleaning and maintaining the master and its accessories, turn off the master and unplug the charging stand.

  • Remove the dust box, open the dust box cover, a

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What should i do when Moosoo MT720 can not work on the carpet?
We don't suggest you make it clean the carpet. It's better for you to set the barrier around the carpet on the app.

What if the strength of vacuuming is weak?
First of all, check whether the dust bun is full and the robot is full charged. If it does, you can try to switch it to the higher mode. For litter which is difficult to collecter, try to clean it whith Spot Cleaning Mode.

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