Use Manual Moosoo MT720 Vacuum Cleaners

Moosoo MT720 Vacuum Cleaners - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

Instruction manual of Moosoo MT720 Vacuuming Robot.

Table of contents

  • Safety Regulations
  • Product Instruction
  • Parameter
  • Attention
  • Maintenance
  • Alarm Tips
  • Customer Service
  • WiFi Connection

Please follow the manual in the instructions to use the product. Use only accessories recommended or sold by the manufacturer.

Ensure that the power supply voltage meets the voltage indicated on the cradle.

Used only in indoor home environments. Do not use in outdoor, commercial or industrial locations.

Use only original rechargeable batteries and charging docks that are unique to the manufacturer. Do not use non-rechargeable batteries. For battery specifications, please refer to " Technical Data”.

Ensure that dust boxes and filter materials are installed before using products.

LN Use of the product in an environment with open flames or fragile items is prohibited. Do not use the product in extreme heat (above 104° F) or very cold (below-41° F).

It is forbidden to close the body’s hair, clothes, fingers and other parts close to the opening and operating parts of the

Do not use the product on wet or watery ground.

It is forbidden to absorb any items such as follows: stones, waste paper. flammable materials such as toner, toner or toner for printers or copies. cigarettes, matches, ash, or other items that may cause a fire.

Do not take any product that is burning, such as Do not place items at the suction outlet. Do not use products when suction is blocked. Clean dust, cotton wool, hair, etc. at the suction port to ensure smooth air circulation at the suction

Use the power cord carefully to avoid damage. Do not use the power cord to drag or pull the product and the product charging stand. Do not use the power cord as a handle. Do not clamp the power cord into the door seam. Do not pull the power cord at sharp corners and corners.

Do not use the product if the power cord, power outlet or charging stand are damaged. Do not use the product when it is not working properly due

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Moosoo MT720 User Manual Questions and Answers

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What should i do when Moosoo MT720 can not work on the carpet?
We don't suggest you make it clean the carpet. It's better for you to set the barrier around the carpet on the app.

What if the strength of vacuuming is weak?
First of all, check whether the dust bun is full and the robot is full charged. If it does, you can try to switch it to the higher mode. For litter which is difficult to collecter, try to clean it whith Spot Cleaning Mode.

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