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Product Instruction

Assembly Name


Dust box

Changing Stand Assembly

Remote Control


Install 2 AAA batteries before using the remote control for the first time. Make sure the positive and negative ends are facing the correct polarity direction as marked in the battery compartment.



Please refer to the following guidelines to check the cleaning area before the cleaner works.

1. Power lines and other debris scattered on the ground may trip up product must be removed.

2. Please roll the carpet tassels or work on short-hair rugs.

3. Agap of less than 8 cm on the bottom of the furniture may catch the product. If you need to clean it, please remove the furniture.

4. A guardrail should be placed at the edge of the duplex to ensure safe operation of the product.

Rapid Operation

Install The Side Brushes

Please install the right brush into the right bottom mounting port of the machine, the left brush into the left bottom mounting port of the machine. and ensure that the two side brushes are in place.

Changing Operation

1. Connect the adapter to the charging stand.

Place the charging stand flat against the wall. Do not place objects in the left and right 1M and the front 2M, and do not have objects with strong reflection surfaces such as mirrors.

Turn On The Master

Tur on the side power switch. After the master finishes working. it is recommended not to shut down; keep the master in a state of charge so that it can perform its next job better.

Master Charge

Place the master in the charging stand and pay attention to the charging pole piece.

Tum on the power switch. the robot will enter standby mode.

Red light flashes indicates that the battery need to be charged.

Blue light breathing light flashes indicate charging.

When the blue light is off means charging is completed. For the first use. please charge continuously for more than 6 hours.

Note: Please match the charging pole piece.

Please match the charging pole piece

Start/Stop Cleaning

1. Start or stop by pressing the master's key or the remote control's / key.

Note: Before starting the mode, make sure that the outer ring of the key is blue and the master is in the state of being awakened.

If the master does not wake up. short press the master to wake it up.

The master enters the sleep state after 10 minutes of standby, and the key lights of.

2. If you need to select another mode, please refer to the(Mode Selection)section.

Mode Selection

In order to adapt to different ground conditions and achieve deep cleaning. this product has a variety of cleaning modes. which can be selected by remote control as needed.

The remote control can switch any mode directly.

Before starting the mode. make sure thatthe outer ring of the key is blue and the master is in the state of being awakened. If the master does not wake up. short press the master to wake it up.

Fixed-point Mode

It is suitable for the ground environment where the garbage is concentrated. The master centralized cleaning in the designated area. and master centralized cleaning with the "spiral" route.

Edge Mode

It is suitable for cleaning at the corners of the room.

The master is cleaned around the periphery of a fixed object (such as a wall) and cleaned back to the charging stand.

Return Charging Mode

During the cleaning process. the master can sense that its power is insufficient. and automatically find the charging stand for charging.

You can press the “home” button or press the "power" button twice to make the master return to the charging stand for charging.

NOTE: In the regular cleaning mode. the maximum run time of the master could be 100 minutes while it would automatically return charging for next task if it has completed present one.

Twice Cleaning Mode

Press the “Full Go” button on the remote control.
After the first time cleaning. robot will go back to charge to full and continue the second time cleaning automatically.

Suction Power Setting

Press the “Turbo” button on the remote control.

With three modes of suction power(Max/Standard/Low). Standard mode can be used for daily cleaning while the Max mode would increase the suction and Low mode would lower the noise.

See other models: D601
Low suction mode can be used for cleaning wood floor and tile floor. standard mode for common household cleaning while the max mode can be used for cleaning rugs.

Roller Brush Assembly and Cleaning

Remove the roller brush brush cover plate. remove the roller brush. cut off the hair wound on it and then use the cleaning brush to clean it.

Set roller brush assembly: take out sucking assembly first. set the roller brush. cover the board and press it to lock.


Dust Box and Filter

When cleaning and maintaining the master and its accessories. turn off the master and unplug the charging stand.

  1. Remove the dust box. open the dust box cover. and clean the garbage.
  2. Remove dust filter. HEPA is not recommended for washing. Please pat and remove ash.
  3. Flush the dust box and the primary filter.
  4. Dry the dust box and the dust filter assembly and keep it dry to ensure its service life.

Please let these parts dry naturally for more than 24 hours.

Side Brushes

Cleaning Side Brushes

Pull out the side brush and wipe it with a clean rag.

Other Assembly

Cleaning the universal wheel to reduce hair entangle.

Clear down the sensor to ensure the sensitivity of the sensor.

To clean the charging pole pieces. use a dry rag to clean the charging poles on the bottom of the master or the charging stand.

If you will not use the product for a long time. please remove the battery and keep it in a safe place. If the battery leaks, remove the battery and wipe the battery compartment clean.
This product uses a high-life battery and does not require frequent replacement. If you need to replace. you can contact our company for after-sales service replacement.

Alarm Tips


Please install the right brush into the right bottom mounting port of the machine. the left brush into the left bottom mounting port of the machine. and ensure that the two side brushes are in place.

Q: What should I do when it can not work on the carpet ?

A: We don’t suggest you make it clean the carpet. It’s better for you to set the barrier around the carpet on the app.

Q: What if the strength of vacuuming is weak?

A: Fist of all. check whether the dust bin is full and the robot is full charged. If it does, you can try to switch it to the higher mode. For litter which is difficult to collector. try to clean it with Spot Cleaning Mode.

Q: What if my charger has difficulties charging the robot?

A: Please make sure you turn on the charging stand before charging and check if the electrical sheet is connected to the charging stand ( Put it back manually or press the Power button when the robot is 1 meter in front of the charging stand.)

Q: What if the robot can not find the charging stand?

A: The charging stand should be placed against the wall with at least 1 meter clearance each side and 2 meters in front. Sometimes you can just put it back manually.

Q: What should I do if the remote control is out of order?

  1. The remote control has an effective control distance of 5 meters. Please make sure that the remote point to the master.
  2. Replace the battery with a new one if the battery has run out capacity.
  3. Please make sure the master power switch is turned on and has sufficient power to complete the operation.
  4. Please wipe the infrared emitter of the remote control and the infrared receiver of the master with clean towel.

Q: Why does the master return to charging after cleaning?

A: The working time of the master varies depending on the complexity of the room. the amount of garbage and the cleaning mode.

Customer Service


1. The 1-Year Limited Warranty is valid for products purchased from our MOOSOO only. starting from the date of original retail purchase against defects in quality and materials under normal. non-commercial use.

2. According to the requirements outlined in this instruction manual. subject to the following conditions and exclusions.


1. The repair or replacement of your MOOSOO appliance if your MOOSOO appliance is found to be defective due to faulty materials. workmanship or function within 1 years of purchase or delivery (if any part is no longer available or out of manufacture. MOOSOO will replace it with a functional replacement part).

2. This warranty provides. at no extra cost to you. all labor and parts necessary to ensure your machine is in proper operating condition during the warranty period.


1. Under your MOOSOO guarantee. MOOSOO shall not be liable for costs of repair or replacement of a product incurred as a result of: Accidental damage. faults caused by negligent use or care. misuse. neglect. careless operation or handling of the MOOSOO appliance which is not in accordance with this MOOSOO Operating Manual;

2. Machines purchased from an unauthorized dealer;

3. Use of parts and accessories other than those produced or recommended by MOOSOO;

4. Repairs or alterations carried out by unauthorized parties or agents;

5. Use of the machine other than for normal domestic purposes within the United States. eg. for commercial or rental purposes;

6. Reduction in battery discharge time due to battery age or use.


1. If you have a query about your MOOSOO appliance, please contact the MOOSOO customer service email : [email protected]

2. Please inform us your model name/number, purchase date. order number. machine problem and your requirement.

3. Your model number can be found on rating plate. For information on your rating plate see the inside front cover.

4. Please keep your purchase receipt in a safe place to ensure you have this information.

5.Service under this warranty will not extend the period of this warranty.


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 818-966-8160

WiFi Connection

1. Please scan the QR code or search “Smart Life” and download App.

2. After the App is installed, please follow the App instructions to register the account and login.

3. Open the APP and click [add device], [SmallHomeApp], [Robot Vacuum]

4. Please make sure that the product is on (like the picture below shows).

5. Long press for 3 seconds. and then flashes, click Confirm indicator rapidly blink! on the APP. You can start to connect to Wifi.

6. Input the wifi account and password.(Only supports 2.4G wifi now, 5G wifi can not be connected.)

6. Input the wifi account and password.(Only supports 2.4G wifi now, 5G wifi can not be connected.)

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Moosoo MT-501 Questions and Answers

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#1 My robot vacuum is making an unusual noise. Is this normal?
The causes:

1. The ground on which the machine is located, maybe uneven or clogging objects. Resulting in abnormal sound caused by the friction between the universal wheel or the side brush strip and the ground.

2. The roller brush is stuck.

3. There are clogging objects stuck in the power wheels on both sides.

4. There are clogging objects in the dust box, blocking the air inlet.

5. Motor fan failure.

The solutions:

Step 1. Replace the operating ground environment to see if the abnormal sound also exists and has no change. If the change is related to the ground environment, it indicates that the abnormal sound was caused by it.

Step 2. Please clean the roller brush assembly, side brush, and dust box, press the power wheels on both sides, and shake the fuselage to remove clogging objects.

Step 3. Remove the side brush and roller brush and restart the machine.

#2 What to do if my robot vacuum will not recharge automatically and has trouble returning to base?

· The machine is not near the charging station and has not received the recharge signal.

· The machine is near the charging station, but the infrared signal emitted by the charger is blocked.

· The charging station is not powered, or the charging station and the infrared sensor of the body are faulty.


Step 1. If the machine is not near the charging pile, please wait patiently for the vacuum to find the charging station, or manually move it to the attachment of the charging pile. Also, you can put the vacuum on the charging pile for charging.

Step 2. Plugin the charging pile and make sure the indicator light on the charger is on.

Step 3. When the machine is near the charging pile, ensure that the charging station is placed against the wall, and there are no obstacles within 2m in front of the pile.

Step 4. If there is a protective film on the front stopper or charging pile of the machine, tear off the protective film. Wipe the front stopper and charging station of the vacuum to keep them clean.

#3 The robot vacuum has low suction and garbage falls. What is causing these issues, and how to solve them?

· The filter is clogged, and the dust box is full and uncleaned

· The roller brush is stuck, unable to involve the garbage

· The low suction mode is selected

· The garbage particles are too large to suck it up.


Step 1. Please clean the dust box and HEPA filter.

Step 2. Check whether the roller brush is stuck and clean it.

Step 3. Please confirm the use of gear if necessary. Use high-grade gear.

#4 My machine will fail/ hang on the flat ground. What can I do?

1. The floor is too dark.

2. The cliff sensor at the bottom of the fuselage is dirty or broken, which affects infrared emission and reception.


Step 1.Please wipe all the cliff sensors on the bottom of the machine.

Step 2. Place the machine in another ground environment and restart the vacuum to see if it is solved.

#5 The robot vacuum will not recharge when it’s on the charging station. Is there a fix?

1. The switch on the side of the fuselage is not on. It needs the side power switch turned on to charge.

2. The charging electrode is not powered on or malfunctions.

3. The charging electrodes at the bottom of the body and the charging station are dirty or damaged.

4. The charging electrodes on the bottom of the body and the charging station are not correctly aligned.

5. The machine moved during the charge, and the electricity failed to charge.


Step 1.Check whether the switch on the side of the fuselage is on, and check whether the charging pile is energized (the indicator light will be on if energized).

Step 2. Wipe the conductive pole piece between the fuselage and the charging pile.

Step 3. Please move the machine up, down, left, and right several times.



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