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Moosoo MT-501 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • User Manual - (English)

User mnaual Vacuum Cleaner for Moosoo MT-501

Table of contents

  • Safety Regulations
  • Product Instructiion
  • Parameter
  • Attention
  • Maintenance
  • Alarm Tips
  • FAQ
  • Customer Service
  • Wifi Connection

Maintaining the Brush & Belt

  • Unplug vacuum, turn over and unscrew 5 silver
  • Phillips-head screws and remove bottom cover.
  • Pull Brush Roll straight out and slide belt off.
  • Inspect Brush Roll by placing it on its end and spinning. It should spin freely, multiple times by one flick. If it doesn’t, replace Brush Roll.
  • Inspect belt, replace if it appears damaged.
  • Place belt back on motor gear. Pull belt over the
  • Brush Roll and place back in. Position the Brush Roll end opposite of the belt to line up with tab. The end closest to the belt will slide in the tab without needing any rotation.
  • Reattach bottom replacing the 5 screws. Spin the brush by hand one revolution to self-center the belt.

Cleaning the Filter

  • Press Tank Release Button and remove Dirt Tank.
  • To access filter, turn top of tank counter-clockwise and pull up to separate.
  • Remove foam filter. Hand wash in warm water; mild detergent may be used if desired. Rinse well and air dry thoroughly. Replace filter if necessary.
  • Make sure the filter is completely dry before placing it back into the tank top.
  • Return the tank’s top, aligning tabs and twisting clockwise to lock.
  • Return tank, pressing firmly until you hear a “click”.

Installing the Febreze Filter*

  • Press top of Dirt Tank to release it from the vacuum base.
  • To access the filter, twist the top of tank counter- clockwise to unlock and reveal filter.
  • Replace standard yellow foam filter with Febreze black foam filter to freshen as you vacuum.

NOTE: Your vacuum comes with a standard foam filter (yellow) located in the top of of the Dirt Tank. A separate Febreze foam filter (black) may also be packed in the box. Both are washable. Over time, the Febreze filter will begin to lose scent after use and washing.

Above Floor Cleaning

  • Pull hose up and out of vacuum base to attach your desired to

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