Use Manual Moosoo K17 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 23Kpa Strong Suction Pet Hair Carpet

Moosoo K17 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 23Kpa Strong Suction Pet Hair Carpet - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

User manual Vacuum Cleaner for Moosoo K17

Table of contents

  • Product Parts List
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Overview & Product Components
  • Accessory Instructions
  • Start Using Your Moosoo Appliance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Specification
  • MOOSOO -Year Warranty

Personal Safety:

  • This MOOSOO appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons with reduced physical, sensory or reasoning capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction by a responsible person concerning use of the appliance to ensure that they can use it safely.
  • Don't let children play with the appliance as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used by or near children.
  • Use only as described in this MOOSOO Operating Manual. Do not carry out any maintenance other than that shown in this manual. Misuse or use of any accessory or attachment other than those recommended, may present a risk of personal injury.
  • Use extra care when cleaning stairs.
  • Keep the appliance and accessories away from fire source.
  • Do not put any object into openings. Do not use with any opening blocked; keep free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce airflow.
  • Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of the body away from openings and moving parts, such as the brush bar. Do not point the hose, wand or tools at your eyes or ears or put them in your mouth.

Intended Use:

  • This MOOSOO appliance is intended for dry vacuum cleaner ONLY.
  • Do not pick up water or use on wet surfaces.
  • Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids, such as petrol, or use in areas where they or their vapours may be present.
  • Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
  • Don't use on concrete, tarmacadam or other rough surfaces.

How to Use as a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • Do not use without the dust cup and filter in place.
  • Fine dirt such as flour should only be vacuumed in very small amounts.
  • Do not use the appliance to pick up

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Q: A corner of a small area rug got caught in the rotating brush and made a high pitched sound. I took apart the rotating brush, and cleaned it out completely. I put the roller back in and close it. The roller fit perfectly and manually turned smoothly. I turned on the vacuum and the roller does not turn. Is there a reset button.? What do I do now? Reply

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