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Moosoo K17 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 23Kpa Strong Suction Pet Hair Carpet - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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User Manual



LED Power Brush

Ideal for hard floor/rugs/carpets, very effective for agitating dirt embedded in the carpet. LED lights help you to clean even in shadow.

Crevice Nozzle

Ideal for corners, niches and other hard -to-reach places.

2 in-1 Oval Brush

Ideal for vacuuming upholstered furniture, curtain, etc..

Stretchable Hose

The MOOSOO hose conventional state of about 18.1 in, the longest stretch to 47.2 in, could be contact with crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 dusting brush or 2-in-1 square brush.

Mini Motorized Head

Quickly converts to hand-held mode, more efficient for vacuuming pet hair on furniture like sofa, bed etc .


How to Use as a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

1. Assemble the dust cup by twisting it in a counterclockwise direction.

2. Insert the metal tube into the body until you hear a click (see below).

A Low power
Press the switch button once.
B High power
Press the switch button twice.

Press the button a third time to power off. See the diagram below:

3. Attach the brush to the head of metal tube as shown below:

How to Use as a Handheld Vacuum

Insert your chosen accessory into the body as shown below:

  • Do not use without the dust cup and filter in place.
  • Fine dirt such as flour should only be vacuumed in very small amounts.
  • Do not use the appliance to pick up sharp hard objects, small toys, pins, paper clips, etc. They may damage the appliance.
  • When vacuuming, certain carpets may generate small static charges in the clear bin or wand. These are harmless and are not associated with the mains Electricity supply. To minimize any effect from this, do not put your hand or insert any object into the clear bin unless you have first emptied it. Clean the dust cup with a damp cloth only.
  • Do not rest the appliance on chairs, tables, etc.
  • Do not press down on the nozzle with excessive force when using the appliance as this may cause damage.
  • Do not leave the cleaner head in one place on delicate floors.

Battery Charging

1. The battery power indicator will blink red when the battery is low and automatically power off the machine when the battery dies. To charge, plug the machine into the charger bracket, as shown.

2. Once attached to the power dock, the indicator light will blink red. The battery is fully charged when the light turns green.

How to Empty the Dust Cup

  • Empty as soon as the dirt reaches the level of the MAX mark - do not overfill.
  • Ensure the appliance is disconnected from the charger before emptying the dust cup. Be careful not to pull the 'ON' trigger.
  • To make emptying the dust cup easier, it is advisable to remove the wand and other floor tools.
  • To minimize dust/allergen contact when emptying, encase the dust cup tightly in a plastic bag and empty.
  • Close the dust cup base so it clicks into place and is secure.

How to Maintain the Filter

1. Press the dust cup lock, and turn it in a clockwise direction.

2. Take out the filter case, then take out the filter.

3. Thoroughly wash the filter case and HEPA filter.

4. Be sure to dry the filters completely.

5. After drying, reassemble the filters as shown below:

6. Put the filter case back into the dust cup.

7. Attach the dust cup by twisting in a counterclockwise direction.

  • Ensure the appliance is disconnected from the charger before removing the filter. Be careful not to pull the ‘ON’ trigger.
  • Check and wash the filter regularly according to instructions to maintain performance.
  • The filter may require more frequent washing if vacuuming fine dust or if used mainly in ‘ High Powerful suction’ mode.
  • Wash the filter with cold water only.
  • Run water over the outside of the filter until the water runs clear.
  • Lay the filter on its side to dry. Leave to dry completely for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Do not put the filter in a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, oven, microwave or near a naked flame.
  • To refit, place the dry filter back into the top of the appliance. Make sure it is fitted properly


Vacuum is not cleaning well

  1. Empty the dust bin
  2. Check that the dust bin is correctly attached
  3. Check that the filter is correctly attached
  4. Clean the filter

Vacuum suddenly stops

  1. Charge the battery
  2. Clear debris from the brush bar

Battery will not change

  1. Check connections
  2. Check wall socket

Motorized brush doesn’t spin

  1. Make sure the dust cup is in the locked position
  2. Check the electrical inputs in the dirt chamber get stuck or not

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Specs Sheet

  • Power: 200W
  • Battery: 22.2V/2200mAh
  • Battery charger output: 26.5V/500mAh

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Q: Hi,
I was vacuuming a rug, lower profile than normal. It did not get sucked into the vaccuum however it made a high pitch squealing noise and I immediately turned the vacuum off. I continued to use the vacuum on my other rugs and unfortunately the roller brush wont spin? Please help.
Thank you for your time,
Rebecca Reply

Q: A corner of a small area rug got caught in the rotating brush and made a high pitched sound. I took apart the rotating brush, and cleaned it out completely. I put the roller back in and close it. The roller fit perfectly and manually turned smoothly. I turned on the vacuum and the roller does not turn. Is there a reset button.? What do I do now? Reply