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iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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  • Owner's manual - (English)

Owner’s Guide Vacuuming Robot iRobot Roomba 960 

Table of Contents

  • Important Safety Instructions
  • About Your Robot
  • Using Your Roomba®
  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall®
  • Barriers
  • Regular Robot Care
  • Troubleshooting
  • Robot Customer Care

Cleaning the Filter

  1. Remove filter by grasping the tab.
  2. Shake off debris by tapping the filter against your trash container.

Cleaning the Full Bin Sensors

  1. Remove and empty the bin
  2. Wipe the inner and outer sensor ports on the bin with a clean, dry cloth.

Cleaning the Front Caster Wheel

  1. Pull firmly on the front wheel to remove it.
  2. Remove any debris from inside the wheel cavity.
  3. Spin the wheel by hand. If rotation is restricted, remove the wheel from its housing and push firmly to remove the axle and clear any debris or hair wrapped around it.
  4. Reinstall all parts when finished. Make sure the wheel clicks back into place

Cleaning the Side Brush

  1. Use a coin or small screwdriver to remove the screw.
  2. Remove the brush, clean the brush and the brush post, and reinstall the brush.

Cleaning the Sensors and Charging Contacts

  1. Wipe the sensors with a clean, dry cloth. Do not spray cleaning solution directly onto the sensors or sensor openings.
  2. Wipe the charging contacts on Roomba and the Home Base with a clean, dry cloth.

Cleaning the Extractors

  1. Pinch the yellow extractor frame release tabs, lift up the extractor frame and remove any obstructions.
  2. Remove the extractors and remove the yellow extractor caps. Remove any hair or debris that has collected underneath the caps and around the metal axles. Reinstall the extractor caps.
  3. Remove hair and debris from the square and hexagonal plastic pegs on the other side of the extractors.
  4. Clear the vacuum path.
  5. Reinstall the extractors. Match the color and shape of the extractor pegs with the color and shape of the extractor icons on the cleaning head module.


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Series: 900

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iRobot Roomba 960 Questions and Answers

Find answers or Ask a question.

I have a 3-story house. can i use it for all 3 levels (on
different days), or would that be a problem with the iAdapt
2 navigation system?
I have a three stories and move between floors with no
difficulty. It is also very good at sensing the stairs and not
falling over the edge.

Do you have to have wifi at home to use it?
No. The iRobot works fine without it. The advantage of a
WiFi connection is that it allows the iRobot to communicate
with me on my iPhone. My iRobot will send me a text when
it’s finished, stuck, heading back to its home base to
recharge, or needs its dust bin emptied.

Is this the lowest-level Roomba (or any brand, for that
matter) that "maps" your floor plan, rather than traveling
around randomly?
Can't tell you if it is lowest level but it is fantastic. It goes
through all our rooms and if it doesn't finish it recharges
then picks up where it left off. I love mine. Worth every
penny. There wasn't much difference in the next highest
model to this one so I saved a couple hundred.

How much of a door threshold can this thing drive over? I
have a decent lip on the floor between the lounge and the
hallway, can it drive over them?
I have a nice size lip on one of my floor but the irobot has no
problem because of the nice size wheels on it.

Will the navigation system stop working if a cat sits on it?
Yes. It has a camera on top for navigation. If the camera is
covered it will not work. Also it needs a small amount of light in
order to "see" , it will not work well in totally dark rooms.

what happens if there is a towel or socks left on the floor?
It will suck it up if it can. Mine sucked up a dryer sheet and got
jammed in the unit and it automatically shuts down until clear
so it doesn't burn out the engine.

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