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iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum 9550 - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot Owner's Manual

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Charging Lights
Roomba uses the CLEAN button light to indicate that it is charging. Use this chart to determine the status of the battery.

Virtual Walls create an invisible barrier that Roomba will not cross. This invisible barrier can be used to confine Roomba to a particular room or area, and prevent it from getting too close to electrical or computer cords, delicate
objects on the floor, etc.

The Virtual Walls can be set to block an opening up to seven feet long. Note that the width of the Virtual Wall’s beam also increases as its length increases, creating a cone-shaped area which Roomba cannot pass. The Virtual Wall also creates a halo of protection around itself, preventing Roomba from getting too close.

TIP: Point the arrows on top of the Virtual Wall towards the opening you would
like to block.

TIP: For best performance, place the Virtual Wall on the outside of the doorway you wish to block.

Manual Virtual Wall

A Manual Virtual Wall must be turned on by hand at the beginning of the cleaning cycle to activate the barrier. A Manual Virtual Wall (and its power light) will shut off after 135 minutes. When battery levels are low, the Virtual Wall power light will blink slowly to indicate that it needs new batteries.

Auto Virtual Wall

Newest Added: (6110) E5 (5150 Roomba 675 (9150)
When an Auto Virtual Wall is set to “Auto” mode, the power light blinks repeatedly to indicate it is on. When battery levels are low, the Virtual Wall blinks repeatedly twice to indicate that it needs new batteries. To save battery
power, switch the Auto Virtual Wall to “Off”. When in “Auto” mode, the batteries should last approximately six months.

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