Haier HCF101 Chest Freezer

User Manual

For HCF101. Also, The document are for others Haier models: НCF143, HCF201, HCF101W, НCF143W, HCF201W

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Haier HCF101 Questions and Answers

#1 Does the Haier 101L Chest Freezer cyclically defrost?

With all chest type freezers they are manual defrost which is able to be done every 12 months or as required. I

#2 Does this freezer have a basket in it?

Yes, it does come with one wire basket.

#3 Does this chest freezer have wheels?

Unfourtanlity this chest freezer does not have wheels.

#4 What is the running wattage of this freezer?

This chest freezer is uses 10 amps or 1200 watts